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Spire tent

Spire tent
  • Spire tent
  • Spire tent
  • Spire tent
  • Spire tent
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Steeple, herringbone top type
Steeple, herringbone large tents known as large tents, tents, etc., mainly used for all kinds of outdoor events.
The main structure steeple of large tents word consists of two parts, one for aluminum alloy main frame, two for the tarp fact often integrated with other facilities to beautify and improve a variety of topics for events.
First, the steeple, the main structure of the word large tents made of high-strength aluminum alloy, building an aluminum box beam principle framework, support the connection between the columns with steel components, cable-stayed roof with reinforcement bars, roof and wall Each fabric envelope. Material selection aluminum profiles GB / T-6063 standard, by the National Nonferrous Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, qualified materials. Tent sturdy foundation engineering, materials and structures with high integrity and security sex. structures reached stringent European standards overall structure after a wind test and destruction test professional organizations.
Second, the tarpaulin using professional PVC coated fabrics have long-lasting bond performance: Knife coating technology of liquid chemical and physical bonding PVC and fiber slurry scraping directly on the fabric; solid welding performance. : welded fabric can withstand a lot of tension, even in the hurricanes, frequent operation in harsh environments, it will not affect the degree of seal welding; the durable life: a certain thickness Knife coated fabric not only gives good UV resistance, but also extend the life of the product; good color fastness: Because pigment directly immersed PVC coating inside, so Knife coated fabric can keep the color always bright as new corrosion, mildew, UV and. fire-retardant (M2 and B1) and other properties in compliance with international standards, the use of stored properly, then three to five years to rot and mildew does not occur. Alpine Minnie's name was inspired by the Alps. ALPINE original translated the Alps, in Europe, outdoor sports movement is called Alps. Alpine outdoor sports have a hundred years of history, ordinary people in Europe are keen leisure, comfort synonymous with outdoor lifestyles.

1, the frame is made of high quality steel, aluminum structure, strong safety.
2, plus double by senior synthetic awning fabric made of PVC material with high strength, wind, rain, sun retardant and other advantages.
3, easy assembly and disassembly, is an outdoor exhibition of the best products.
4 tarpaulin folding, after the demolition frame is small, easy to transport and storage.
5, unit modular structure, can be set up according to the size of the venue free to add or split.

Spire tent specifications: 3 * 34 * 45 * 56 * 67 * 78 * 89 * 910 * 10 11 * 11 '
Word from the top of a large tent span of 6 meters, eight meters, 9 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters to 50 meters and the like. '
Easy set up and removal. '
Steeple, herringbone large tents without internal load-bearing pillars of the venue to give 100%. '
To build a site without special requirements, the general ground such as sand, grass, asphalt, the concrete and tile floor can be.