Supply promotional tents

Supply promotional tents

Product description:

Advertising tent, the new advertising vehicle, your business and your products more durable, more eye-catching way to the society, the unique influence to make every penny you spend are value for money!

(Performance and benefits) is easy to install: one minute to complete the opening and closing, lightweight and durable simple and convenient: easy to carry, with the open with the use, long life quality fabrics: rain and sun, durable and easy to clean, weather is suitable.

(Scope) exhibitions and fairs, the celebration assembly, tourism and leisure, field operations.

(Canopy frame material) aluminum (surface treatment: Advanced base sand), iron (by the paint surface treatment)

(Process) screen printing, thermal transfer

(Specifications) 2 * 22 * ​​32 * 42.5 * 2.52.5 * 3.752.5 * 53 * 33 * 43 * 4.53 * 6 (m)

(Fabric) Common Cloth: 420D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth.

(Color) are often red, blue, yellow, green, orange, black, white and other bright colors

(Stent) steel or aluminum frame

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