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Celebration Tent

Celebration Tent
  • Celebration Tent
  • Celebration Tent
  • Celebration Tent
  • Celebration Tent
Product code: 15908900001
Unit price: 280 CNY  (40.68 USD)
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Minimum order: 100
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Earlier from European aluminum tent technology, to design, production, marketing and provision of professional services tent rental company. The company covers an area of ​​3000 square meters, is currently the most powerful tents manufacturing company, long-term products sold overseas more than 70 countries and regions.
We use high-quality aluminum canopy provides comprehensive and reliable temporary space solutions to users, with more than 30 kinds of specifications and ultra ten thousand square meters
The tent rental resources are available, with experienced professional engineering team set up to provide you with 'one-stop' service to make your temporary outdoor activities more flexible in choice of location and scale, security.
Over the years, Guangzhou Continental shade canopy tent factory with its high quality, efficient, safe, diversified services successfully participated in many domestic large-scale exhibitions, festivals, sports events, Oktoberfest, trade and economic and cultural activities in government tour for user to create unlimited wonderful space.

First, the tent Performance:
Aluminum and PVC tarpaulin structure, column-free interior space 100 percent utilization. Span from 3-40 meters, there are a variety of options. Exterior word was top shape, spire, dome, polygon.

Tarp B1 level fire safety fire safety standards, tents and fixed under normal installation conditions, up to eight to ten wind resistance tarp specifications: (1) yarn: 1000 * 1000D (2) Temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (3) Waterproof: Hydrostatic reach 3000mm (4) Tensile Strength: The 2500N / 5 cm, latitude 2300N / 5 cm (5) Peel strength: 90N / 5cm (6) Elongation: over 15% weft 20% (7) • Continued burning time ≤47s • smoldering time = 0s (8) anti-snow load thickness 75KG / square
Terrestrial fixed in three ways: cement floor with expansion screws (requires cement layer thickness is more than 20CM, grass or sand land diameter 2.8CM, 60CM length 100CM long forging drill rod or fixed, tile or marble floor with 30 * 50CM or 60 * 60CM bearing steel plus cement blocks fixed

Second, Guangzhou Continental shade tents Usage
Outdoor temporary exhibition hall, special equipment exhibition, information centers, security area, VIP area, meeting to discuss the area, dining lounge, temporary storage, guest registration desk, shade channel, shade stands, the opening ceremony, ceremonies, product promotions, sporting events, commercial activities, festivals, Oktoberfest, Food Festival, emergency rescue, relief: Tent School (tent classrooms, offices, multi-purpose hall, canteen, bathroom, medical room, student hostel
Homes, etc.).

Third, Guangzhou Continental shade tent tent Package

Nice, waterproof insulation, scratch, easy to transport