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Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch

Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch
  • Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch
  • Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch
  • Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch
  • Touch Monitor (HG-I4) 19-inch
Product code: 15905000001
Unit price: 130 USD
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Minimum order: 50
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Product Description:

1: The shell is made of (abs + pc) material, piano, UV fuel injection, streamlined design; look gorgeous and work well, fire performance.

2: The all-new A-grade LCD screen quality assurance.

3: horizontal; vertical can choose to install their own; simple installation; easy maintenance

4: Press ktv professional integrated design, heat evenly, can be equipped with a variety of stent; Xuancai inside with flash.

5: Use with infrared screen; with fire; waterproof; riot; dust and other functions

The machine adopts the latest fifth-generation infrared touch screen handwriting riot

1: Support handwriting input;

2: Support / 800 * 600/1024 * 768/1440 * 900/1280 * 1024/2048 * 1536 and other resolutions; precision; high sensitivity;

3: The German high-quality imported infrared flat tube, high transmittance import-proof glass;

4: Support for a variety of VOD software: Ray Stone (handwriting), depending on the Yi; day trip; as John; frontier IPVOD; Oscar; New Deli; heartthrob set-top boxes; zebra-top boxes; entertainment pioneer set-top boxes; K Song King; Stone Point STB; Zhuo research set-top boxes; as good; the ceremony light; emperors and any other VOD software;

5: specifications 19` inch, 16: 916: 10 display modes;

6: low cost, long life.

Basic parameters:

A: Operating voltage: 12V

B: Working current: 4-5A

C: Operating temperature: 0-65 ℃

D: response time: 16MS

E: transmission rate: 100%

F: Interface: COM port, USB port, usb depending Yi dedicated serial port, Yin Wang crystal head interface, PS2 port, 3.5mm Ray Stone dedicated port.

G: Support System: market a variety of VOD system, Linux Windows, etc.

Purchase Notes:

The Company is a factory outlets: Welcome to consult the discussion, Tel: 18603016832

QQ: 378852252

A: refunding Content:

From the date of purchase of the 7 days, as long as you are not satisfied with our machines, machines and machine outsourcing good appearance pollution, we unconditionally accept your return requirements. Non-machine quality due to return, the freight shall be excluded!

II: replacement Content:

1, three months from the date of purchase, such as the presence of the machine itself, the quality problems, limited to replacement of the machine itself, not replacement packaging and random parts.

2 but to ensure the appearance of the machine intact, limited only for the same model machine.

3 If more than OZ, quality problems, only to replacement warranty, replacement is the only guaranteed yield.

Three: Warranty Content:

1: from the date of purchase of the product, you can enjoy 3-year warranty (LCD screen savers repair for one year) in the first year of free service, free of labor costs, free replacement parts costs Random accessories year warranty and the second year... three years of paid services, free of labor costs, the cost of replacement parts only charge fees.

Four: the following does not belong replacement and warranty content.

1 does not require the installation according to the instructions or damage caused while using;

2 than replacement, the warranty period

3 Product warranty label is damaged or altered warranty date

4 Product has not been our maintenance personnel disassemble or repair

5 damage to the machine caused during transit

6 products identified by our staff belong to unexpected factors or damage that the factors, such as, improper input voltage, lightning hot, water mechanical damage, broken, corrosive chemicals. Panel scratched or broken.

7 products due to natural factors and irresistible force of nature; such as earthquakes, fires, damage caused by the war.

Five products will not delay in service made the warranty period, the date of purchase remain unchanged