VOD | home HD Kara OK karaoke machines | sea songs (HG-1301

VOD | home HD Kara OK karaoke machines | sea songs (HG-1301

Product description:


Full metal aluminum shell , Brushed metal panel!

VOD Features

1, a bright dynamic 3D Crystal Li-party HD VOD interface.

2, powerful features: U disk directly on the touch screen handwriting plus songs and perform management background, not even the computer, and convenient.

3, anti-shock technology, super stability, free debugging, maintenance, support hot-swappable, like home appliances, like ready to use.
4, suction bottom hard disk installation position, plug and play, support 160G to 2000G large capacity hard drive, can store massive soundtrack DVD songs.
5, supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MP3, MPEG4, DAT, VCD, AVI, SVCD other song format, convenient and practical.
6, self from the Internet, VCD discs and computer hard disk free to add songs, can also be customized bulk add songs, delete songs from the Customer Service Department, want to update the song library.
7; song diversified manner; no read songbook; pinyin can; words (song words), language (the country; Guangdong; Taiwan; English; Japanese; Korean, etc.), singers (phonetic find singer; actor mainland; Hong Kong Taiwan actor; actress mainland; Hong Kong and Taiwan actress; Band, etc.), songs were song category or song number, convenient, simple, easy to use, easy to learn.
8; remote control; can be single / dual display (connected to a computer monitor or TV), savings for the user, convenient and considerate.
9, dual high-definition interface, support for multiple video outputs.

10, the serial touch-screen interface, fast response, sensitive operation, may be connected to more than ten meters.

Any optional hard disk:

Hard 1000G / 1500G hard disk / 2000G Hard