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Fume Hood

Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood
Product code: 15903700001
Unit price: 900-1500 USD
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1. Certification: ISO9001; ISO14001
3. strong bearing capacity
3. Epoxy resin spraying
4. Easy: install and wash

Detailed Description


product name: Steel Fume Hood
product brand: CARTMAY
size: 1200 * 850 * 2350mm
1500 * 850 * 2350mm
1800 * 850 * 2350mm
Material: 1.0mm cold rolled steel plate with epoxy coated
Inner liner panel: Imported from America; 6mm compact panel; acid and alkali resistance temperature-resistance; anti-moisture
Guide plate: Imported from America, 6mm compact panel, reasonable and knock-down guide structure. Concentrated and effective discharge air, letting off different poisonous gas
Operation table board: acid and alkali resistance, anti-moisture. Impact resistance, 12.7mm thickness chemsurfchemical-resistant laminate with 25.4mm edge / Trespa panel / Epoxy resin / stainless / ceramics as desktop.
Window: 6mm thickness steel safe glass, balancing form elevation and subsidencei, it can be stopped at any position by pulling.
Handles: 304 Stainless steel handle.
Lighting equipment: 20W * 2 antisepsis daylight lamp, lamp house is insulated with gas. Lightness on table not lower than 400LUX.
Operation panel: lighting switch; ON / OFF switch; two sets of 220V / 10A versatile electric socket
Ventilation equipment: selecting rust-resistance, low wasting, low noise and famous fan and special wind tube. Noise can be reduced at about 55 DB


Accessories vertical and single test cock: made by brass; the surface is treated by EPOXY baking paint
Cup slot: acid and alkali resistance; PP water cup
sink: PP sink; ceramic sink; epoxy resin sink.
socket: multi-functional with splash-proof box and safeguard cover.

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