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Bag mine first zc144

Bag mine first zc144
  • Bag mine first zc144
  • Bag mine first zc144
  • Bag mine first zc144
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Other info: 300000KG Black
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MC MX based improvement is actually coming from the pulse bag filter, the most widely used, by the small and medium enterprises welcome.
Filter area: 18-300 square meter air capacity: 2000-40000 cubic metres per hour.
Many advantages.
First, the cleaning effect is good, because pulse cleaning methods available online for cleaning, is a 24-hour working without rest, holidays can not.
Second is the area is small, because it is home to the workshop of the more suitable for mechanical processing, or metallurgical industry, free trade is also possible. But not saying MC pulse bag filter can not open places.
Third is the long service life, low maintenance, because good cleaning effect, not always replace the bag. General use for more than 2 years without changing the filter bag. Pharmaceutical factory it is also popular.
Summarizes the above 3 points you feel How, also has a character that is very convenient operation, equipped with control system, it can work and ash, and ash, you only need around quietly watching, but occasionally glitches, like no one is perfect. It also has its own small disadvantage is the control circuit or gas pipeline easy points of failure, and this generally repaired. Frequency is not very high and. www.mcccq.com