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Tattoo Sleeve Flower Arm Set Tattoo Male and Female Sleeves Sleeve Gloves Sun Protection Sleeve Outdoor Legs Leggings Arm Gloves

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Mary Lilei
  • size: one size
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Style: Half-finger gloves
  • Item: T-14
  • Color classification: T-11 (one) T-12 (one) T-13 (one) T-14 (one) T-10 (one) T-09 (one) T-08 Only) T-07 (one) T-04 (one) T-05 (one) T-06 (one)
  • Texture: silk
  • Category: General
  • Applicable people: Couple middle age: 40-59 youth: 20-39 years old

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Sleeve sleeves Oh, the quality is very good

1, how to choose sleeve size?

A: This product is the code, The upper cuff diameter is approximately11-12 cm; end

Cuff diameter of 7-7.5cm. Length of about 43-45cm, Suitable for people,

Arm circumference or leg circumference greater than or equal to 25cm, the general weight in the 120-

200 can be used between.

2, this sets of sunscreen sunscreen UV? Sunscreen effect how?

answer: Cuff main function is to prevent ultraviolet sunburn, itself has a certain penetration

Gas function in the direct sun less than the place definitely than you do not wear cuff heat;

Directly under the sun, wearing cuff is not hot, because most of the visible light is reflected off.