ADSL splitter

ADSL splitter

Product description:

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007, with a single voice ADSL splitter into the network communications industry, professional Design and production of European standards, the British telecommunications standard, American standard, ITU standard, GB ADSL VDSL voice separator, the primary side, the client can design and production.

Products have been sold to over 20 countries and regions worldwide .ADSL voice separator than 40 kinds of species.

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. warmly to answer everyone ADSL voice separator problem, whether you want to learn ADSL voice separator, or would like to purchase ADSL voice separator, want everyone to consult, to communicate. Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. Competitive participate only product quality and service, does not produce or sell low-quality products, low prices do not participate in the competition.

ADSL voice separator technology relatively strong professional, we hope we can help you analyze, select what you really need.

Product Features:

Client ADSL voice separator with high-performance components designed for telephone line with ADSL service, can be low-frequency voice signals and high frequency data signal separation, so that by interfering with the transmission of a telephone line with a 1 .ADSLSplitter input ports (Line), 2 output ports (Phone, Modem), and can be respectively connected to the traditional telephone ADSL modem, mainly used in the same room with the above two devices of ADSL broadband users.

Shipping instructions:

Order 1000PCS above, the PRD express delivery free shipping, the Pearl River Delta to outsource logistics and shipping of goods to the local logistics companies, excluding delivery costs.