PLC splitter

PLC splitter

Product description:

PLC Splitter


Small size, appearance, may provide different connectors according to customer requirements, the standard for the SC. Installation is quick, reliable, stable beam splitter, technical indicators in line YD / T893 Of industry standards.

Usually the main application requirements:

installed at 19 Inner-inch standard rack, when the optical fiber branch households, providing installation of equipment is the transfer of cable boxes, in the optical fiber branch home, developed within the device client installation.

PLC Splitter Application

Rack : Installed in the 19-inch OLT cabinets; fiber branches in home, provides installation of equipment is standard digital cabinet; ODN needs to be placed on the table when the time.

ABS Cartridge : Installed in the 19-inch standard rack; when optical fiber branching home, installation of equipment is supplied cable transfer box; when optical fiber branching home, within customer-specific installation.

Bare fiber type : ① installed in all types of pigtails box ② installed in various types of testing instruments and WDM systems.

Splitter type : ① installed in all types of light distribution equipment ② installed in all types of optical test instruments.
Miniature: ① installed in cable connector box box ③ ② installed in the module installed in the wiring box...

Blade : This device is the user access point for FTTX systems require splitting completed a major fiber optic cable into the cell or into the side of the building, with a fixed optical fiber stripping, welding, jumpers, splitters and other functions, after splitting with the into the end-user in the form of cable households.

Pallet : Applicable to all types of fiber optic splitters, WDM, etc. integrated installation.

Selection of high quality fiber optic connectors, adapters, low insertion loss, high return loss;

NOTE: single tray maximum 1 minute 16 configured adapter interface, double tray maximum 1 minute 32 configured adapter interface.

PLC Splitter advantages and disadvantages


(1) loss of the transmission light wavelength insensitive, to meet the needs of different transmission wavelengths.

(2) splitting evenly, can be evenly distributed to the user signal.

Compact (3) structure, small size; can be installed directly in the various existing junction box, without special design left a great deal of installation space.

(4) Many single channel shunt device, can reach 32 or more.

Low (5) multi-channel cost, the more points the large ones, more obvious cost advantage.
Shortcomings are:

(1) The device fabrication process complexity, high technical threshold, currently monopolized by foreign several chip companies, the country can produce large quantities of packaging enterprises have only a few a few.

(2) with respect to the higher melting pull cone splitter costs, particularly in the low channel splitter aspects more at a disadvantage.

1. Product Standard:

1. People's Republic of China telecommunications industry standards: planar optical waveguide integrated optical circuit devices - 1 Part I: based on planar waveguide ( PLC ) Optical power splitter YD / T200.1-2009 ;

2. People's Republic of China telecommunications industry standards: Fiber Optic Connector YD / T 1272-2007 ;

3. Related reliability standards: Telcordia GR-1209-CORE; Telcordia GR-1221-CORE; Telcordia GR-326-CORE .

2. Product testing means and technology:

Testing Equipment - Agilent equipment, for all products shipped before testing to ensure product parameters meet industry standards and customer requirements; temperature cycling experiment box, drying oven, high temperature and humidity test box and other environmental testing equipment reliability and with the national secondary laboratory cooperation, product reliability through a series of rigorous verification to ensure that products meet appropriate standards of reliability.

3. Quality Management System:

1. Quality Policy: to meet customer needs and continue to improve the quality, cost and delivery, and continuously improve overall customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance:

The date of receipt of the goods from the Party, one year free replacement, two years in charge of maintenance. Due to human factors and other external damage and equipment over the warranty period, maintenance according to product manufacturers to provide products and services to the standard fee.

2. certification:

( 1) ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification: Q191100175

( 2 ) Theil Certification: PLC Optical splitter: 03014690462ROM

Activities Connector FC / PC : 030114690463ROM

3) . Product reliability revalidation principles: every two years to re-do a complete product reliability revalidation.