Leather material mosaic rock style metal rivets leather wristband

Leather material mosaic rock style metal rivets leather wristband

Product description:

A type of rock style fashion metal rivets PU leather bracelet bangle cool classic punk style multi-layer winding twist braided leather strap

Unisex style neutral style leather hand strap multi-element retro style; fresh style; Japan Harajuku; vintage style leather bracelets etc.

The main material for high-quality artificial leather bracelet leather and metal buckles, metal studs, etc. PU leather colorful, pure color.

There are all kinds of metal with a top in the mouth, nails, etc. There are rock, classic, retro, punk, fashion, neutral, and so multi-element style for guests to choose from.

Personalized wild leather bracelets, products sold worldwide, popular in Europe, the influx of people must have.

Leather bracelet has a variety of length and width dimensions, details, please consult. All our leather bracelet length is adjustable.

Existing conventional packaging products for individual opp packaging, 12 one in the bag. 600pcs or 1200pcs one .

Bracelet styles, patterns can be mixed upon request .

Welcome to OEM! Quality assurance, price concessions.

Picture pro- shot, do not Pirates of the map .

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