Individual letters words LOVE printed leather bracelet

Individual letters words LOVE printed leather bracelet

Product description:

PU leather bracelet fashion multicolor pattern bracelet color printing color silk screen strap cool PU artificial leather wristbands

Unisex leather bracelet classic neutral style multi-elements print hand handsome have PU-punk style bracelets

Leather Bracelet with color gorgeous, vivid stereo pattern. Rock, classic, retro, punk

Fashion, neutral, multiple-element style designs for guests.

Wild personality leather bracelets, products sold throughout the world, popular in Europe and America, people.

Leather bracelets are made of high quality leather. The pattern above can be customized.

Leather Bracelet length and width dimensions: 23X3.7 cm. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted.

Existing conventional packaged as a single OPP packing, 12 in a package. 600pcs or 1200pcs one.

Bracelet styles, patterns can be mixed according to guest requirements.

Welcome OEM! quality, price concessions.

Picture, please do not steal.

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