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Men 's wigs | real hair short hair in the handsome middle - aged dad real wig

Men 's wigs | real hair short hair in the handsome middle - aged dad real wig
Product code: 1582100030
Unit price 49.18-268.23$
Sold quantity 400
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Beautiful Miss / Beautiful Miss ...
  • Brand: Beautiful Miss / Beautiful Miss
  • Wigs single product: 0689
  • (Sterile net + hair net steel comb bracket) high-end real hair half-woven (sterile net + hair network steel comb bracket) true black large code Hair stand) real hair hand-woven (very light breathable + hair net steel comb bracket)
  • Suitable for: middle-aged men
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Straight Hair
  • Style: Other
  • Efficacy: cover hair loss
  • Cosmetics features: instant youth recovery

The first time wearing a wig pro please note!

1: What is the use of hair net just comb shelf?

answer: Hair net just comb shelf (Hair network is wrapped in their own hair really easy to wear wigs just comb is a wig special anti-static placement frame is the night to sleep or wig cleaning drying wig with a small clip is fixed network)

2: real hair wig how cleaning and maintenance?

A: wig cleaning method 1. First basin then pick a half pot of water, pour the shampoo into the hand after mixing and then put into the wig bubble for about 10-15 minutes in the rinse with water, you can also use hair care Soaking, after cleaning the natural dry or with a hair dryer can be blowing 2, when cleaning Not as hard as a laundry rub As easy to knot deformation

You can usually use the hair conditioner baking cream (ordinary hair shampoo conditioner can be, for example, Haifei Si Piaolao Pantene can be used that kind of anti-dry do not buy the kind of anti-dandruff effect can be ) This head can increase the luster of the hair nutrition and service life

3: real hair material advantages and life?
A: real hair material is the biggest advantage Breathable hair within the network fluffy hair easy to take care of Can be dyed hot (hair can not be fixed According to the age of the individual face hair pruning care different styles of effect So different face of the guests to wear different methods of wearing out the effect is different this point for the first time to wear the customer must understand) real hair material of normal life 2-3 years

4: wig wearing models with the same effect?
A: We guarantee that 100% real people wearing real shot effects have video testimony if the first time wearing a wig just started his family will feel strange habits are not as if the whole person has changed this is normal but do not know you Do not see your wig is wearing a few days to see more and more will feel more and more natural so this section of the wig pro who received the goods can be worn to the barber shop according to their face hair Free try 3 days 3 days after the satisfaction is not satisfied directly apply for returns Can be
5: this wig can guarantee 100% real person hair?
A: This friend can put ten thousand hearts Guarantee 100% real hair Is not really get the goods pulled out of the two with a lighter burn smell smell to know the real hair burning protein that smell wig material is man-made fiber is the smell of plastic is not really different from the bag back and forth Courier costs if we do not like the whole package because of personal dissatisfaction with the return express delivery costs the buyer to bear the recommendations you buy a freight insurance or a good point
6: How easy to wear this wig off it?
A: This is just like wearing a hat with a hat directly on the band Before and after about wearing Wearing a hand after touching the ear on both sides of the wig has two sideburns temples of the two front and rear must wear symmetrical after wearing a hair combing the hair on the inside can adjust the tightness of the worn after Can do strenuous exercise such as playing ball bungee cycling will not fall of
7: The length of this wig is worn with the model is the same?
A: The model worn is the actual length of the wig we did not trim just wear after the model in accordance with the hair style of the Wig worn with the length of the personal head circumference size also has a certain relationship If the head is too small to wear a little longer than the big head around a little short on the main model fat head circumference is 58-59 head circumference so short hair that there are customers to wear real Take effect because the head circumference is too small to wear a long hair that the simulation results are very good)
8: What is the difference between hand-knit top and ordinary?

A: The general section is the mechanism of the craft head is not hand-woven fluffy natural hand-woven top of the head of the top spin area is Hand a hair of the top of the heart structure More fluffy natural breathable realistic (because the relatively slow price of hand-woven so expensive than the more expensive) within the network now All upgraded to second-generation sterile mesh Design more durable and comfortable dust