Men's wig | human hair short hair male models handsome middle-aged father lifelike wig

Men's wig | human hair short hair male models handsome middle-aged father lifelike wig

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Beautiful miss / beautiful lady ...
  • Brand: Beautiful miss / beautiful lady
  • Wig single product: 0689
  • Color: True Black Size (sterile mesh + Portal steel comb stent put) True Black big yards (sterile mesh + Portal steel comb stent put) high-end real hair half hand-woven (sterile mesh + Portal steel comb put brackets) real hair full hand-woven (extremely lightweight breathable + Portal steel comb stent release)
  • Suitable for: middle-aged men
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi can be oblique bangs
  • Wig hairstyle: short straight hair
  • Style: Other / other
  • Efficacy: cover gray hair hair loss
  • Cosmetic features: instant rejuvenation Young

Initial wear wigs pro Please note!!!

1: Portal just comb Racks are of any use?

answer: Portal just comb Storage Racks (Packet networks is their own real hair wig just easy to wear a wig comb is a dedicated anti-static place holder is to sleep at night or after drying wig cleaning wig with a small clip is fixed distribution networks)

2: how real hair wig cleaning and maintenance?

A: wig cleaning method 1 first bowl then half a basin of water, pour in the shampoo into his hand, stir and then leave after payment of about 10-15 minutes to go soak in the rinse with water, can also be used in hair care Su soaked, after finished cleaning dry naturally or use a hair dryer hair to 2, when cleaning Not as hard as laundry rub As easy to tie deformable

When you usually wash real hair conditioner can be used point ointment (regular shampoo conditioner can be, for example, Head & Shoulders Rejoice Pantene can be used that do not buy the kind of anti-dry dandruff effect can be ) so the head can increase hair shine nutrition and life

3: real hair material advantages, and life?
A: The real issue is the biggest advantage of the material Network breathable easy care hair fluffy hairstyle You can dye (hair can not be fixed In accordance with the individual's age, face different styles of hair care effect trim So different faces of the guests wearing different care methods out of the effect is different to wear this for the first time customers must understand) true hair Material normal life 2--3 years

4: wig to wear with the model effect the same?
A: We guarantee 100% human wearing real effect if there is video testimony for the first time wearing a wig just to start their own family will also feel strange not used if the entire people have changed, but this is normal for people who do not know you You do not see myself wearing a wig for a few days to see more of it will feel more natural wig This pro after receipt of the goods can wear to the barber shop according to their face hair Free try three days and three days after leaving satisfied dissatisfied apply directly for return To
5: This wig can guarantee 100% human hair yet?
A: This is a friend who can put ten thousand hearts Guaranteed 100% real hair Get the goods is not real hair pulled off two burned with a lighter under smell the odor will know there is real hair wig smell of burning protein that is man-made fiber material is a plastic smell is not really different refunding hair back and forth our all-inclusive delivery costs if the proposed commitment because individuals do not like are not satisfied with your buyers return delivery costs shipping insurance or buy a good point
6: how to wear this wig easy off?
A: This is just like a hat headgear as direct tape Wear positive all around After touch down after wear ear wig on both sides there are two temples two temples around the level you have to wear after symmetrical wear a hair comb under the hair wig on it can adjust the tightness of internal wear You can do strenuous exercise such as playing disco rider will not fall of
7: The length wig with the model is wearing the same?
A: The model is wearing a wig after the actual length of which we do not prune just wear the hair in accordance with the model's face Wig out length with the individual head size have a certain relationship If you wear a small head circumference was slightly longer than a nod to big around was a little short (master map model overweight and head circumference is 58-59 head circumference so short hair looked a little worn described which has a solid customer racket head circumference smaller effect because it was put on a little longer hair simulation results are very good)
8: hand-woven top center with the ordinary What is the difference?

A: ordinary paragraph is no mechanism to process the head of fluffy hand-woven hand-woven natural heart head spin top place Manual configuration of a single hair woven top center More realistic fluffy natural ventilation (hand-woven slower because the wages are more expensive than the average price so expensive) network is now All second-generation upgrade to the aseptic network Dust-proof design more durable and comfortable