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PISEN data line charging head iphone6 ​​suit 6s | 5 Apple charger plug head 4s 5S Andrews iPad4

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pisen / product wins
  • Pisen / product wins Charger Model: product wins - Chargers 1A
  • Color Category: love love charge 1A charging 1A white silver white [Love] + [charge 1A standard version of Apple Data Line 1 6-white] [Love] + [charge 1A white version of Apple's 6 noodles data line 0.8 meters] [lemon love] + [charge 1A white noodle combo version 0.8 m data line love lemon filling 1A] [silver] + [noodle combo version data line 0.8 meters lemon]
  • Applicable phone models: Other
  • Charger for form: charging plug
  • Whether the original: Brand Compatible