Leather Bracelet | Bracelet punk | Rivet Bracelet

Leather Bracelet | Bracelet punk | Rivet Bracelet

Product description:

  • PU leather bracelet bracelet rivets multilayer winding leather bracelet PUNK punk style leather bracelet bracelet of cool

  • Leather bracelet made ​​of artificial leather. There are 54 metal plating Quartet nails above the manual. Styling classic, selling is not bad .

    Leather has a variety of colors to choose from. Cortex and delicate, comfortable to wear.

    Product single opp Packaging ( inside with a small package desiccant to prevent damp rust metal buckle bracelet. ) 12 In one into a bag . 600 Article one .

    Welcome to OEM. Quality assurance, price concessions.

    Do not pro- shot pictures Pirates of the map !