China Wind Phoenix international pop elements Tattoo Sleeves

China Wind Phoenix international pop elements Tattoo Sleeves

Product description:

Seamless tattoo sleeve material for high-quality covered yarn .

Delicate touch, good elasticity, comfortable to wear.

Tattoo sleeve pattern above stereo, color fidelity, washed with cold water can not fade .

Seamless tattoo sleeve a hundred variety of styles to choose from. You can also open version customized guest specified pattern .

Specific advice can call or go to the store .

Tattoo sleeve can still be worn in a variety of fashion party, bar, stage performances, etc., etc. any occasion and activities in basketball, football, golf, bowling, etc. sports or bike enthusiasts, motorcycle owners, etc. outdoor activities. by avant-garde fashion trend of people love.

Quality assurance, price concessions! Welcome to the store to buy .

Picture pro- shot, do not Pirates of the map !

Seamless cuff conventional packaging are two installed a opp, with hand cards can be a means or upon the packaging requirements .

Conventional packaging packing size :

600 pairs of size 55 * 45 * 30

1000 pairs of size 55 * 45 * 45

1200 pairs of size 65 * 45 * 45

Models can be mixed .