Pink cotton double knit thickened digital product protection sleeve

Pink cotton double knit thickened digital product protection sleeve

Product description:

Cell phone Pocket Jacquard knit cell phone baodan layer, double cute cartoon cell phone fashion digital product protection

Mobile phone bag material: polypropylene fiber, yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic and so many kinds. Can be customized eco-friendly materials.

Mobile phone packages above can be dyed a variety of patterns, logo, LOGO and so on. The pattern above, logo won't fall off, fading problem. Cold water washing.

The flexibility of mobile phone sets, ductility is very good. Free stretching, not easily damaged.

Mobile phones on the market, game machines, MP45, and digital cameras, electronic products can hold. If you have special dimensions can be customized.

Can protect cell phones, digital electronic products, such as screen, shell is not being worn, scratched.

Digital product protection sleeve size, also has the above design, logo and lanyard length products packaging can be customized according to customer requirements, customized.

Knitted Jacquard phone package with high quality and low price, sold worldwide. By domestic and foreign consumers love.

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