Feng Shui Court | Bagua Mirror open light copper | convex mirror home Jiugong Bagua mirror concave mirror flat mirror

Feng Shui Court | Bagua Mirror open light copper | convex mirror home Jiugong Bagua mirror concave mirror flat mirror

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Feng Shui Court
  • Model: Feng Shui Court
  • Appearance: Other
  • Color Classification: 3.2cmN12 convex convex convex mirror 5.2cmN5 7.2cmN7 convex 8.6cmN2 convex 12cm11971N3 convex 12.2cmN20 convex 14cm11971N4 convex mirror convex mirror 17cmN9 14.5cmN3 21cmN15 convex concave concave 3.2cm11971N5 5.2cmN8 concave mirror 7.2 cmN11 concave 12.2cmN21 17cmN10 concave convex concave 21cmN16 Tai Tai 8.6cmN18 3.2cmN1 convex convex convex 12cm11971N1 Tai Tai Tai 12.2cmN17 12.2cmN4 upscale convex convex convex Tai Chi Tai 14.5cmN19 14cm11971N2 mirror 11cm 11971N6 gift box mirror 14.5cmN6
  • Material: Copper
  • Item: 4495
  • Application of space: the hall
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Function: melt the ghost
  • Decoration Type: Other / other

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Also known as Tai Chi Bagua Bagua Mirror mirror in our country has been known as feng shui mascot in the private sector, people gossip mirror is hanging in the hall of the home feng shui treasure, Auspicious Hannaford has a role, in addition, you can also bless spawned . and it is the lives of all animals protection of God, bless the child Sunxing Wang Feng Shui Bagua mirror was divided into three types: convex mirror, a concave mirror and copper flat mirror.

Concave mirror is used according to the evil, evil, the town house and possession of the wind gas gathering convex mirror is to ward off evil, avoid evil feng shui share. Mirror was convex arc-shaped, with the evil when there are objects in rushing when the projection mirror by the light emission of these evil spirits lifted with the words of the ancients' good and bad students blame almost regret moving '- by the reflection of light to form a' motive 'gossip copper flat mirror there' radioactive 'and in Feng Shui' resist 'role, like the energy issue as a weapon that can stop the evil spirits scattered Quartet, Chong resist evil, anti-villain, g demons.

Bagua mirrors can be used in the following situations: the road to the top of the doors and windows, doors and windows of buildings chamfering, doors and windows of the patio, transformers, poles, drainage ditch, chimney, tall buildings, etc. Its usage is to Bagua mirror hanging on the doors and windows. played defuse evil spirits, conversion gas field, remove the impact of unfavorable terrain on their own or hang it in the room or put on the table, it can play a regulating indoor air field and magnetic field, make people feel calm, relaxed and natural.

Mirror four weeks respectively engrave are: dry, Canton, Gen, Zhen, Xun from the Kun against the eight Gua major role in feng shui Hokyo convex brass and defends the Hannaford, the middle figure outside the benign gas field (. Kyrgyzstan gas) absorbed into the interior, the outside malignant aura (evil spirits) block on the outside, and the interior of the original evil spirits to disperse.

Bagua mirror from the mirror into three, namely, convex mirror, a concave mirror peace mirror. Concave mirror is generally used for the 'Fortune', convex mirror used for 'town house defends' like a convex mirror shells in general, was mirror convex arc-shaped, with the evil when there are objects in rushing, the convex mirror these evil spirits can be lifted, it belongs' to defuse the evil spirits' feng shui supplies, mirror able to reflect light, Gu Yun: 'good and bad regret blame students almost dynamic 'by the reflection of light to form a' motivation ', can affect the Feng Shui. some people outside the window poles, chimney toward their own house, in the window of the plug-side flat mirror, thinking can ward off evil, its time by a plane mirror can not stop evil, but also may have an adverse effect on feng shui. Bagua copper flat mirror there 'radioactive' and 'resist' role in feng shui, as if the issue of energy as a weapon, you can stop the evil spirits Quartet San resist evil Chong, anti-villain, g demons. hanging on the door, the window, or placed on the book case has a good effect. now the construction of buildings, there are a lot of doors to the intersection of the antenna on the telephone pole and other peripheral construction of the house had evil spirits evil form, can use gossip flat mirror hanging on the door frame to resolve.

I. Effect: gossip town house, defends, reversing the effect of events, instead of turning it; der to kick off evil
Defends two: when the family home in case of red road, Lane rushed before the corner, poles or road house has produced counter-bow evil spirits use to resolve: the door to the door opposite wall chamfered or inconsistencies in the size of the door is on the side. elevator. escape doors ... accident-prone areas.
Opposite home security windows have pointed items like formation 'Oath' ...
Several evil spirits available gossip concave mirror to resolve:
1, the way to resolve the punch: the hall when there straight from the road or waterway.
2, to resolve poles evil: If your main home being accidentally placed on poles carnage gossip convex mirror on the door resolve this surgery .. evil spirits ..
3, to resolve the anti-bow evil: Ming see the water or on the road can use gossip convex mirror was resolved when the anti-bow evil ..
4, to defuse the eaves head evil: the mansion of the eaves head evil master carnage .. accident or occurrence may be disposed of somehow strange gossip convex mirror defuse evil spirits
5, to resolve the various forms of evil, such as wall corner knife evil evil .. and so on ..
'Evil' feng shui described above has a great influence on the gas for the relevant person whose resolve many ways, but the convenience of which is insured, is hanging in the corresponding position 'gossip convex mirror' that deter Xiemei, defuse evil spirits.

[Place] mascot
Can be hung on the door, the window, or placed on the book case. Position the mirror outward (window or door).
NOTE: Do not gossip mirror to someone's home