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Daiso Da Chuang | Puff / Brush | Cosmetic Brush Cosmetic Brush special cleaning agent 80ml

Daiso Da Chuang | Puff / Brush | Cosmetic Brush Cosmetic Brush special cleaning agent 80ml
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: DAISO / Daiso Puff Cleaner
  • Color classification: pink
  • Brand: DAISO / Daiso
  • Makeup / beauty tools a single product: Puff cleaning agent
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification

'Brand' Daiso
'Name' Daiso special cleanser puff
'Specifications' 80ml
'Colour' ---
'Origin' Japan
'Packaging' bottled
'Shelf Life' Five years
'For the crowd' All the crowd

1. First wet the puff
2. Wipe the puff with a Puff Cleaner several times
3. Pour the puff into the water to squeeze out the bubble, repeated three to four times
4. Flush the puff with water
5. Put on paper towels or towels on the cable dry water, to be dried

note: This product capacity120ML This is the capacity of the bottle itself, but the liquid inside Only 80ML (The bottle is a cylinder with a radius of 2cm. Bottle bottom to the shoulder height is 9.6cm. This calculated the volume of the cylinder is 120ml. Product identification capacity is 80ml ) Can imagine the contents of the bottle is only about two-thirds of the products do not think that the product has been used, we will not be so ignorant to the use of each product after the issue in this not lifted its own foot products over the original product is So this question or can not be relieved of MM please carefully shot!

Daiso Daiso Puff cleanser. Foam is not rich, but clean and strong, in addition to thoroughly clean puff powder on the powder, you can remove the smelly oil. Mild and not irritating, no odor, washing hands will not dry A puff, you can also wash brush, as easy to use.Penterns do not hurt the puff and brush. Will not leave any smell, not like soap will leave a strange taste.Less amount, very cheap Oh.