Hanwang attendance C330ES Face Recognition attendance | Face Machine | Video attendance | Touchscreen

Hanwang attendance C330ES Face Recognition attendance | Face Machine | Video attendance | Touchscreen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance Brand: Hanwang / HW
  • Model (20000-1): C330
  • Attendance Type: Multi-functional
  • Color Classification: counter genuine Package I Package II Package III
  • Access authentication method: Face
  • Service: Genius

HW upgraded C330ES feature:

1. The recognition speed greatly improves the computing speed has increased dramatically

2. Data can be automatically uploaded to support, without having to manually upload data

3.IP address can be obtained automatically without having to manually add IP addresses

Upgraded C330ES on identifying reactions than the old 30% increase C330E

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Get HW installation tutorial: Installation + Use

Factory standard: Hanwang attendance C330ES one, a mounting plate, a power adapter, installation guide and a product description, product certification, mounting screws.

Note: Please note that you pro oh, keep a good copy of the invoice or invoices, over a year later for maintenance or software upgrades are required to provide a copy of the invoice or invoices!

Package a 1199 yuan

[The following packages contain all the official standard configuration] (300 100 000 attendance record)

①: 8G U disk [Genuine guarantee]

1329 yuan Package II

①: 8G U disk [Genuine guarantee]
backup power (For 3-4 hours)

1349 yuan Package III

①:8G U disk [Genuine guarantee]
:backup power (For 3-4 hours)
③:Computer mouse

In order for you to facilitate the purchase, the shop also offers the following services:

1, the formal machine-printed tax invoices (to ensure the maintenance, sale, reimbursement)
2, lifetime free update data transmission, remote assistance download.
3, 1000 Get your own without having to download e-books and less trouble (need to contact customer service Oh, machine storage space fit, can be sent to the mailbox)

4, free shipping service: free shipping tact.
5, the package will package services: machine operation and demonstration video, and support to help guide manual, to avoid buying the machine will not be used.
Pro Please note:

Package subject to the photographed pages

Attendance Management Software Standard Edition

Software cylinder referral

Hanvon Attendance Management System Standard Edition is Hanwang Technology Company Set for many years engaged in the development and attendance systems management experience in the latest generation of C / S architecture attendance management system can be applied to LAN and WAN. Hanwang face through combined attendance products, company administrators can simply clear attendance employee attendance statistical information through the system, generate reports quickly and easily, which saves work, and fair and equitable for staff services.

Software features can

Flexible routed classes, automatic overtime, various forms of class attendance and class work count, Man live variety of statistical reports, as well as scalable interface functions.

Software Features

Graphics operation, easy adjustment, reports, statistics, fast and accurate, mature and stable, smart upgrade, real-time monitoring, remote management, automatic upgrade

In addition to the standard version has attendance software, Hanwang face through the product is also equipped with a simplified version of Hanwang attendance.

Attendance management software Starter

Software cylinder referral

HW Attendance Management System is based on a simplified version of part of the company's personnel management needs, simplifying the complexity of the system, in the usual simple functions to meet customer needs daily based vehicle use.

Software features

Unified commute time points, seven kinds of original records and statistical reports in different formats.

Software Features

Simple, practical, easy to operate, flexible and convenient fast Czech Republic.

common problem
Question 1: How tall products to meet different people?
1, using 53-degree angle bevel design.
2, the camera from the ground 1.15 m height.
3, to meet the height of 1.45 meters to be used in the range of 1.95 m height range of people in our equipment.
4, when used, the distance from the face of the camera is 30-80cm

Question 2: Face-pass for people who wear glasses How to use?
When the progress bar to record half the time, you need to take off the glasses and then record the other half.
Question 3: When the face through the installation complexity?
Installation is very simple, just need to follow the installation diagram fixed backplane bracket and then the device can be hung on the stand
Question 4: In the case of many people, using human face through the door need to line up?
Face through the basic realization of the '0' line up for the entire identification process is generally not more than 1 second, the whole attendance process is typically about 2-3 seconds. If 600 people on the storage device, then the owner of the time of authentication is only 20 after 30 minutes, so the use of our equipment, you rarely see a case of waiting attendance

  • 1. Why Hanwang face through the series price is higher than other similar products?
    Hanwang attendance using self-developed quasi-three-dimensional face recognition technology, the price is slightly higher than the two-dimensional face recognition technology, but the recognition accuracy rate much higher than the two-dimensional face recognition, face recognition technology which will really into the civilian level, products mainly for the majority of the attendance management of enterprises and institutions.
  • 2, the product hardware platform How? How face recognition speed?
  • Face recognition computation is very large, more than 10 times the fingerprint identification, so Hanwang attendance by the United States TI's high-speed digital signal processor, clocked at up to 600M, every second can run 4.8 billion instructions. We after optimization algorithms, in the realization of every five seconds of face recognition, a recognition only 0.2 seconds.
  • 3, photo, head model, wax, etc., can cause the product to identify errors?
    Hanwang face recognition product has a unique face detection function in vivo, photos, other non-living body, head model, wax, etc., can not be certified, the product does not cause errors identified.

  • 4, facial trauma, face with a disability can recognize?
    Face recognition is to rely on positioning the eyes, facial features a combination of recognition. That is good as long as the eyes, facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrow) no shelter, no damage can be identified.

  • 5. If a power outage, the product information is stored will be lost?
    Products using flash memory and SD card to save the information, power is not lost when power comes UPS can also achieve normal attendance.

  • 6, how to transfer product data?
    U disk support upload and download features, suitable for network cabling less convenient environment.
    Supports TCP / IP network communication, supports LAN and WAN data connection branch.

  • 7, user registration and identification of what the note is?
    1) in the user registration / identification process, try to make the face appear in the center of the screen, natural bow, face substantially parallel to the screen;
    2) During the registration process, please do small increments turned around, looked up, down and other movements, so that the green face identification box appears, the purpose of the different posture of the face are entered into the system, so that more accurate identification ;
    3) When the circular 'radar scan', indicates that the system does not detect a face, the face posture and adjust the position of the distance.

  • 8, the product is used in camera ordinary camera do?
    The camera is based on 'Dual Sensor?' Requires recognition algorithms, special custom dedicated dual cameras, using M12 all-glass lens, the left is the color, the right is an infrared, cooperate together to complete the facial image capture and recognition.

  • 9. Why is a unique product ramp structure?
    Face recognition needs to consider a person's height range of issues, as well as user comfort, for HW designed a unique 53-degree slope structure, either to extend the scope of the product to adapt to the height of 50 cm, and can ensure that users use , maintaining a comfortable cervical bending angle, human-computer interaction and friendly.
    Recommended mounting height 1.2 m (1.45 m -1.95 m height for the crowd), when using face 30-80 cm from the product, the user can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the overall height of the product installation.
  • 10, use of the product environmental requirements How?
    Hanwang attendance recommend installation in the indoor environment at night without lights can be used normally (outdoor and semi-outdoor are not installed)
  • 11, time and attendance management software?
    Supporting the use of Hanvon attendance management software, stable and reliable, equipment management, staff management, scheduling management, records check, recording processing functions, direct output attendance reports, personnel management personnel to meet the daily needs.