Hanwang attendance C330ES face recognition attendance machine | Face Machine | video attendance | touch screen

Hanwang attendance C330ES face recognition attendance machine | Face Machine | video attendance | touch screen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: Hanwang / Hanwang
  • Model (20000-1): C330
  • Attendance type: multi-functional one
  • Color Category: Counter genuine package a package II Package III
  • Access authentication: face
  • After-sales service: Genius

Tip: C330ES support wide area network, but the wide area network to buy another WAN software Oh!

Hanwang upgraded version of C330ES added features:

1. The speed of recognition has been greatly improved, and the speed of calculation has also been greatly improved

2. Data can support automatic upload, no need to manually upload data

3. IP address can be obtained automatically, without manually adding IP address

Upgraded version of C330ES in the recognition response than the old C330E upgrade 30%Factory standard: Hanwang attendance C330ES one, the installation of a backplane, a power adapter, installation instructions and a product description, product certification, the installation of screws.

Note: Please pro attention Oh, keep a good invoice or a copy of the invoice, over a year after the repair or software upgrade is the need to provide invoices or invoices copy!

  • 1, why Hanwang face series price higher than other similar products?
    Hanwang attendance machine using self-developed quasi-3D face recognition technology, the price is slightly higher than the two-dimensional face recognition technology, but the recognition accuracy is much more than two-dimensional face recognition, which will face recognition technology into the civilian level, Mainly for the majority of enterprises access control attendance.
  • 2, the product of the hardware platform? Face recognition speed?
  • Face recognition method is very large, is more than 10 times the fingerprint recognition, therefore, Hanwang time and attendance machine using the United States TI's high-speed digital signal processor, clocked at up to 600M, 4.8 billion instructions per second can run. After the algorithm optimization, in the realization of each second face recognition five frames, a recognition only 0.2 seconds.
  • 3, photos, the first model, wax, etc., can cause product error recognition?
    Hanwang face recognition product has a unique face detection function, other non-living photos, the first model, wax, etc., can not be certified, does not cause product error recognition.

  • 4, facial trauma, facial disability is able to identify?
    Face recognition is to rely on binocular localization, facial features combination of identification, meaning that as long as the eyes intact, facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrow) does not block, not damaged to be able to identify.

  • 5, if the power, the product will save the information is lost?
    Products using flash memory and SD card to save information, power will not be lost, reprovision UPS can be achieved when the power can also be normal attendance.

  • 6, how to transfer product data?
    Support U disk upload and download functions, suitable for network cabling is not convenient environment.
    Support TCP / IP network communication, support local area network and wide area network, connect branch company data.

  • 7, the user registration and identification of what is in the notes?
    1) In the user registration / identification process, as far as possible so that the face is displayed in the center of the screen, natural bow, face and keep the screen parallel;
    2) In the registration process, please make a small turn around, head, bow and other actions, so that green face logo box appears, the purpose is to face the different gestures are entered into the system, so that the identification more accurate ;
    3) When a circular 'radar scan' appears, indicating that the system does not detect the face, adjust the face pose and position near and far.

  • 8, the product uses the camera is an ordinary camera?
    Camera is based on 'Dual Sensor?' Face recognition algorithm needs, special customized dual camera, using M12 full glass lens, the left is the color, the right is infrared, cooperate with each other to complete the face image acquisition and recognition.

  • 9, why the product using a unique slope-type structure?
    Face recognition need to consider the issue of human height range, and user comfort, to this end, Hanwang designed a unique 53-degree slope structure, both to adapt to the product range to 50 cm height, but also to ensure that users in use , To maintain a comfortable angle of cervical bending, human-computer interaction friendly.
    Suggested installation height of 1.2 m (for height 1.45 m -1.95 m crowd), the use of human face from the product 30-80 cm, the user can adjust the actual situation of the overall height of the product installation.