Woolen fabrics, worsted wool stretch fabric, plaid fabric

Woolen fabrics, worsted wool stretch fabric, plaid fabric

Product description:

China's major production base of worsted wool fabric, wool dyeing Huafang Group Co., the supply of worsted woolen fabrics, suits and uniforms fabrics, ingredients with wool, wool-polyester, wool viscose, wool yarn, etc. and generate a variety of functional fabric, the production of 30 million meters of fabric. products are exported to Middle East, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, we always uphold the idea of ​​transcendence, to provide quality worsted woolen fabrics for the garment factory .

Quality, affordable, cost-effective production of various functional fabrics, ultra- black series of fabrics, stretch fabrics, aromatic series of fabrics, washable fabrics, non-iron fabrics series, the production of uniform fabrics, wool and wool-polyester serge, satin brocade, tweed .

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