By a black woolen fabric

By a black woolen fabric

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Wool dyeing Huafang Group Limited is China 's largest production base of worsted woolen fabrics, with an annual output 30 million meters of worsted woolen fabrics, high quality, affordable, cost-effective production of various functional fabrics, ultra- black series of fabrics, stretch fabrics, aromatic series of fabrics, washable fabrics, non-iron fabrics series, the production of uniform fabrics, wool and wool-polyester serge, satin brocade, tweed .

Supply of worsted woolen fabrics, suits and uniforms fabrics, ingredients with wool, wool-polyester, wool viscose, wool yarn, etc. and generate a variety of functional fabrics, 30 million meters of fabric production. Products are exported to Middle East, Europe, East Asia , Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, we always uphold the idea of ​​transcendence, to provide quality worsted woolen fabrics for the garment factory .

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