BSD-680 Hardcover Making machine

BSD-680 Hardcover Making machine

Product description:

Main parameter :

Machine size: 3500*3500*2000mm

Max case size: 680*400mm

Min case size: 60*100mm

Center board size: 6-100mm

Gutter width: 3-17mm

Center board thickness: 0.25-5mm

Flaps bending width: 7-20mm

Board thickness: 0.5-5mm

Speed: 10-36pcs/ min

Power: 10.4kw

Voltage: 380/220v

Weight: 4500kg

Machine colour: gray and beige

Function of the BSD-680 Automatic hardcover machine:

1) BSD-680 Case Maker applies for hard cover, gift boxes, file folders, calendars, diary, notebooks, phone boxes, chessboard etc.

2) The cover, cardboard, central spine board can be adjusted and positioned accurately, Adaptable thickness of cardboard can be up to 5mm .

3) Automatic cover board gluing, two side board, center paper board setup, board edge finishing, two side smooth making.

4) Intelligent environmental-friendly function, labor-saving, low noise, convenient, high-effiency.

5) Stable and accurate institution providing automatic feeder paper delivery.

6) Convey equipped with air-suction system forward sheet flat and stably.

7) Taiwan BBM motor, IDELY transducer control system. Japanese OMRON PLC man-machine conversation, colourful touch screen. 5 Auto stop response in case of paper shortage in the cardboard feeding table.

8) You can set the time for glue heating in advance to save the time.

9) The max quantity of the irregular cardboard reach to 7 pcs.