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SVC V-625 300-Watt all-copper automatic uninterruptible power supply | single computer for 15 minutes without shutdown restart

SVC V-625 300-Watt all-copper automatic uninterruptible power supply | single computer for 15 minutes without shutdown restart
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SVC
  • Model: V-625

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SVC V-625 Super Regulated UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Many buyers on the proposed warranty standard cracking explanation: First of all thank you dear Amoy Friends of our recommendations. We all doubt the quality of the label cracking, the direct reason is due to vibration during the courier process, the label is produced by the manufacturer Attached to the seams of the upper and lower cover, the label material is easy to use shredding, so the transport process with the vibration of the capacity is very rupture. As for the Amoy faithful made it repaired, you can be sure of the answer , Each of our machines are original brand new. A very simple truth, if we take the maintenance of the machine to sell, it is impossible Commit such a low pole of the error, even the warranty does not change a new standard.

Backup delay configuration table:

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Basic Product Information

Brand: SVC
Model: V-625
Origin: Foshan, Guangdong, China
Manufacturer: Foshan City Public surplus Electronics Co., Ltd.
Implementation of standards: Q / ZYDZ 1-2008
Record number: QB / 440600 29 1555-2008


Product Features:

1. Ultra-wide input voltage range of 142-290Vac, a strong environmental adaptability.
2. Multi-level automatic voltage regulator, load safety performance.
3. Intelligent DC boot to meet the emergency use.
4. Excellent generator compatibility and grid synchronization tracking capability.
5. Perfect and reliable battery undervoltage, output short circuit, overload, over voltage, over-temperature protection.
6. Fully automatic charging, to extend the battery life.
7. Intelligent battery protection to prevent damage to the battery depth of discharge.
9. Mute the battery power to turn off the alarm sound to reduce noise.


Office automation and home computers, home multi-coal body, home audio-visual equipment.



Application examples Solution:

Example A: power supply voltage fluctuation is very unstable, the computer often restart or automatically shut down.
Solution: Install the UPS power supply, the UPS has a fully automatic voltage regulator and interactive mains / inverter conversion function

Example B: Rural areas in the evening peak voltage is too low, the computer does not start properly.
Solution: install the UPS power supply, the UPS has ultra-low voltage regulator can operate in ultra-low voltage environment, the output voltage is adjusted to the normal range, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Example C: hot summer weather, air conditioning starts when the same power supply line equipment in the power supply voltage momentarily low, the computer restart or black screen.
Solution: Install the UPS power supply, this UPS uses CPU intelligent control system, a very short detection and conversion time real-time response, the voltage transient can also be perfect to achieve power protection.

Example D: Unstable supply voltage The network device does not work properly.
Solution: Install the UPS power supply, this UPS has a strong regulator to protect network equipment in a variety of voltage environments normal operation.

Example E: A computer that stores important data such as financial systems / engineering / cash register equipment, unexpected data loss or damage to the hard disk caused by an unplanned outage or voltage abnormality.
Solution: install the UPS power supply, the UPS has a high and low protection and power-on self-test function for the electrical equipment to provide high stability of power supply protection.


Operation method and standby time

Operation method: 1. Insert the main unit and monitor power cord into UPS black output socket 2. Insert the UPS input power cable into 220V power supply socket 3. Press and hold the UPS panel switch for three seconds to turn on the UPS.

When the utility power is normal, the green LED is lit. When the utility power is abnormal, the red LED is on,

Standby time: 1, with a personal computer equipped with a low standby about 20 minutes. 2, with a personal computer equipped with high standby for 10 minutes. 3, the UPS has a protection against over-discharge protection, The inverter will shut down automatically after 30 minutes of standby.


after-sale warranty
Seven days Baotui: within seven days no reason returned (strictly according to Taobao Mall seven days no reason to return policy implementation)

Three-year warranty: UPS host a three-year warranty, the battery one-year warranty (battery is a consumable)


OUR default courier under normal circumstances for the STO, EMS for China Post Economy EMS (E-mail Po)

This product built-in battery, can not take the air, can only take land. Relative to the pieces of aviation transportation time longer.

Yunnan, Qinghai, Gansu, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Ningxia, the above areas STO no land line, select EMS.

Bulk procurement customers can use logistics and transportation, lower costs.

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Product details

Manufacturer Qualification:

ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. This is not an ordinary ISO certification, please note that the above 'SGS' and 'UKAS' Peugeot, which is not generally small factories can get, authoritative certification, quality assurance!

CE certification products, exports of European standards, presumably we all know the meaning of CE certification, only through the CE certification of goods to enter the EU sales, China's world's largest exporter, but can be exported to Europe, a handful.

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