SVC V-625 300 Copper automatic guns uninterruptible power supply | single computer 15 minutes without a power cycle

SVC V-625 300 Copper automatic guns uninterruptible power supply | single computer 15 minutes without a power cycle

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SVC
  • Model: V-625

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SVC V-625 UPS uninterruptible power supply super regulator

Many standard warranty on cracking the interpretation put forward by the buyer: First thanks for your very dear Amoy friends recommended us all the warranty label cracking concerns direct reason is due to the vibration caused by the delivery process, the label is produced by the manufacturers when. attached to the upper and lower seams of the cover, the label material is the use of shredding, plus vibration so express transportation process will be very capacity of a fracture. As to whether the proposed Amoy faithful are repaired, can be answered in the affirmative we each machine are original brand new. it's a simple truth, if we get the machine repaired and sold, it is impossible Extremely low to make such an error, not even the quality standard for a new one...

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Product Information

Brand: SVC
Model: V-625
Origin: China Foshan, Guangdong
Manufacturer: Foshan Public surplus Electronics Co., Ltd.
Executive Standard: Q / ZYDZ 1-2008
Record number: QB / 440600 29 1555-2008


Main features:

1. Wide input voltage range 142-290Vac, strong environmental adaptability.
2. Multi-level automatic voltage regulator function, high load safety performance.
3. Intelligent DC boot, meet emergency situations.
4. Excellent compatibility generator and grid synchronization tracking capabilities.
5. perfect and reliable battery voltage, output short circuit, overload, overvoltage, overtemperature protection.
6. The fully automatic charging, longer battery life.
7. Intelligent battery protection against deep battery discharge and damage the battery.
9. The use under battery power status mute function, an alarm will sound off to reduce noise.


Suitable for post and telecommunications, railway, petroleum, chemical, education, commerce, banking and other industries office computers, office automation and home computers, home and more coal, home audio-visual equipment.



Application examples Solution:

Case A: Power supply voltage fluctuated very unstable, the computer often restart or automatic shutdown.
Solution: Install this UPS, the UPS with automatic voltage regulator and interactive mains / inverter conversion

Case B: The rural areas in the evening peak period voltage is too low, the computer does not start properly.
Solution: Install this UPS, the UPS function with ultra-low voltage regulator can operate at low voltage environment, the output voltage is adjusted to the normal range, to ensure the device is working properly.

Examples of C: Hot summer weather, the air conditioner will start the same power line transient voltage low power devices, restart the computer, or black.
Solution: Install this UPS, the UPS uses CPU intelligent control system, extremely short conversion time detection and real-time response, when the voltage transient can achieve the perfect power protection.

Examples D: supply voltage is unstable network equipment is not working Internet dropped.
Solution: Install this UPS, the UPS has a powerful regulator function support network is functioning properly under various voltage environment.

Examples E: Financial Systems / Engineering / cashier clearing equipment and other important data stored in computers, unexpected power failure or abnormal voltage caused by data loss or hard disk damage.
Solution: Install this UPS power supply, UPS has this level of protection and power-on self-test function, providing high stability power protection for electrical equipment.


Methods of operation and description of spare time

Operation: 1, the mainframe computer and monitor power cord into the UPS output Black Block 2, the UPS input power cord into a 220V power outlet 3, hold down the UPS panel switch three seconds Zhongkai Qi UPS...

When the mains is normal when the green LED lights up when the mains abnormal red LED indicator lights,

Standby: 1, load a low with a personal desktop computer spare about 20 minutes 2, load a high with a personal desktop computer spare 10 minutes 3, This UPS has an anti-over-discharge protection function, when the load of small power. when the device standby inverter automatically shut down after 30 minutes.


after-sale warranty
Seven days or return: within seven days of no reason returned (in strict accordance with Taobao Mall seven days no reason to return rules execution)

Three-year warranty: UPS host a three-year warranty, one year warranty battery (battery is a consumable)


Under normal circumstances Our default courier STO, EMS Economy China Post EMS (E-mail Po)

This product is built-in battery, you can not take the air, can only go by land. Airlines are transported relatively longer time.

Yunnan, Qinghai, Gansu, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Ningxia region above STO no land line, please choose EMS.

Bulk purchases of transport logistics customers can lower costs.

Surface mail refers to the Chinese domestic postal parcel, goods need to reach the addressee to bring your ID card to the local post office! Transport cycle is relatively long, slow then fast the ten days a month!

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Manufacturer Qualification:

ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification ISO certification this is not a general, please note that the above 'SGS' and 'UKAS' Peugeot, this is not just a small factory can get them, authoritative certification, quality assurance.!

CE certification, export to European standards, surely we all know the meaning of the CE certification, only through the CE certification of goods to enter the EU sold China the world's biggest exporter, but only a handful can be exported to Europe.

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