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SAP( Super Absorbent Polymer)

SAP( Super Absorbent Polymer)
  • SAP( Super Absorbent Polymer)
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SAP ( Super Absorbent Polymer) .
chemical name: Polyacrylic acid sodium salt, sodium polyacrylate
CAS No. 9003-04-7
SAP For Sanitary Napkins, SAP for sanitary towel, SAP for feminine hygiene.

SAP for adult diaper, spec:
appearance: white crystal.
Free absorbency of Distilled water: 500~600 g/ g
Free absorbency of saline solution: 63 min. g/ g
Centrifugal Retention capacity: 42 ming/ g
Absorbency under Load 0.3 psi.: 23 min.
Absorption speed (by vorlex Method) : 60 s max.
Moisture: 7.0% max.
Packing: in 20 kgs bags without pallet, 20 or 21mt in one 20 gp.

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