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Aluminium Hydroxide ATH

Aluminium Hydroxide ATH
  • Aluminium Hydroxide ATH
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Aluminum hydroxide for filler (synthetic onyx)

Aluminium hydroxide is manufactured from bauxite using the process

Aluminium Hydroxide (ATH) for artifical marble, cable, rubber, granite & stone, toothpaste abradant, Artificial Onyx Filler, flame retardant.
High whiteness Aluminium Hydroxide for filler.
Alumina Trihydrate ATH solid surface.

Alumina Trihydrate ATH


CAS NO.: 21645-51-2
EINECS No.: 244-492-7
MOL WT.: 78
H.S. CODE: 2818.30

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Regarding Aluminium Hydroxide for artifical marble, toothpaste abradant, flame retardant, Artificial Onyx Filler, etc, spec:

H-WF-90, H-WF-75, H-WF-50sp, H-WF-25, H-WF-20, H-WF-14, H-WF-10, H-WF-1
Physical properties :
Appearance: White powder
Molecular formula: Al ( OH) 3
Molecular Weight: 78.0
CAS No.: 21645-51-2
Bulk Density ( g/ cm3) : Loosed: 1.1
Packed: 1.3
Density ( g/ cm3) : 2.42
Shelf life: Longer than 2 years.

chemical properties :
Al ( OH) 3: 99.6% min.
Al2O3: 65.1% min.
SiO2: 0.03% max.
Fe2O3: 0.02% max.
Na2O: 0.2% max.
L.O.I.: 35% max.
Moisture: 0.1% max.
PH: 7.5~ 10
Whiteness: 93% min.
Particle Size: D50: 75~ 95um
Packing: in 25 kgs bags.

We have different size, fine, ultra fine, and also coated by Silane or Stearic Acid.
Particle size D50: 90um, 75~ 90um, 50um, 25um, 20um, 14um, 10um, 5um, 3um, 1um.

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