eGo-CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

eGo-CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Product description:

eGo-CE4 starter kit, is acknowledged as one of the best electronic cigarette at present.

One starter kit including:

650mah battery: 2pcs , CE4 clearomizer: 2pcs , USB charger: 1pc , Wall adapter 1pc , Ego case: 1pc , E-liquid bottle with needle: 1pc

Why choose ego-CE4 starter kit? What s the advantages?-There re many advantages of the ego-CE4 kit:

1. Excellent performance. 2pcs 650mah battery, can up to 800puffs with full charge battery.
2. 2pcs CE4 clearomizer. You can try different flavors at one time. Easy to fill the e-liquid. Just take off the CE4 mouthpiece, fill the e-liquid around the center, and then put back the mouthpiece. With scale on the clearomizer, you can see how much nicotine you inhaled.
3. No burning, no leaking. Very large vapor.
4. Large ego case, portable for carry anywhere, no need to pay for the useless large giftbox.
5. No second-hand smoke, protect your lovely family member, friends, and other people in public.
6. You can enjoy your smoking continuously, never feel hot of your mouth.

eGo CE4 starter kit

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