Drunkard peanut Technology

Drunkard peanut Technology

Product description:

Drunkard peanut Technology

Drunkard peanut Technology (spicy recipes, etc. 9)

Drunkard peanut has a long history of production; across the country; the north and south make the collar peanut food coquettish; but peanut exports of food headed varieties; the ever-changing tastes; brand contending; an alias is a blaze of flowers; inventiveness (salty peanut brittle; Crunchy Peanut ; fried peanut; peanut old drunk; raw hops; Brewmaster peanuts; alcoholic lover 'benevolence'; alcoholic lover 'benevolence'; Bacchus peanut; peanut wine; alcoholic partner; alcoholic couple, etc.), its production process similar as follows:

First, the process: (A success rate of about 100%)

Soak → Peeling → selection → drying → fried → → cooling → off the oil mixed with excipients selected → → Packaging

Second, the main equipment:

Salty crisp peanut production line, including the following stand-alone:

Continuous hoist, to stone, soak the pot, peeling machine, with a selection of vibration to the water machine, drying belt, hopper, quantitative hoist, frying pan, butter oil, oil filters, spices, cooling belt, picking belt, metal detector, sealing machine.

Note: Simple production = a peeling machine can produce

Taste: (creamy taste; saltiness; Spicy chicken flavor; spicy flavor; salt and pepper flavor; chicken or beef flavor; onion flavor; onion flavor; cumin flavor; five flavor)

Peanut Food Research from 1986 to date

Note: folks Wenchuan earthquake disaster and other places need this technology free

Yimeng Peanut Food Research Institute