LED Headlight Kit H4-50W

LED Headlight Kit H4-50W

Product description:


1. One set includes: 2 pieces H4 LED CREE Lamps, 2 pieces black waterproof driver box, 2 pieces high quality fans for LEDs and manual.

2. LED Quantity: 2 pcs CREE 1512

3. Voltage: DC 12V-24V

4. Lamp Power: 50W (2pcs x 25W)

5. Beam Angle: 360°

6. Input (A) : H: 2.2A±0.2A, L: 2.0A±0.2A

7. Lumen: H: 1800lms, L: 1600lms

8. Color Temp: 6000K (White)

9. LED Chip: CREE-1512 X2pcs

10. Life Span: 50000+hours

11. IP Level: IP 65


1. LED: latest CREE's COB version with lumen efficiency 146lm/ w

2. Lumen: total lumen ourput with either long or short viewing for 1800+lm, 30% more than tungsten lamps.

3. Fan for LED application: 12000turns/ minute for reliable heat dissipation performance.

4. Waterproof Drive: IP65, Internal constant current CPU with over-heat protection, fan-failure setup protection for reliable.

5. Water Joint: Water joint for high precision of vehicle application, IP 65 level.