LED 3D GM Logo Laser Door Lights

LED 3D GM Logo Laser Door Lights

Product description:

This LED Auto Lights can be automaticlly on when cardoors open.

Outpower: 3W each LED

Voltage: 12V/ 24V

Working Temp: -40 degrees~ 105 degrees

Material: Aluminium alloy casing

Life span: 30000-50000 hours


This LED lights can be installed at the bottom of the door flameand make sure the Len vertical with the ground ;

1. Pull down the inside door board first. Mark the suitable locationfor drilling a hole.

2. Drill the hole on the door board with our borer .

3. Inset the product from the bottom of car door , then arrange thepower cord.

4. Install the nut through the power cord upon the hole inside; Tighten the nut;

5. Connect the power cord according to the installation guide;

6. Adjust the lamp projection to the suitable place with wrenchtool.

7. Reinstall the inside door board, then check the final effect.