Porsche LED Logo Laser Door Lights

Porsche LED Logo Laser Door Lights

Product description:

1. Our car logo laser light isspecially designed for auto modification fancier; we purpose to bring more driving fun to drivers;

2. The dazzle logo light will display on the ground when you open the car door , and will turn off when you close the door
3. . Major Reduction in. Heat Generation
4. High ability of shock resistant; Brighter light; Low temperature.
5. Super white lighting provides a high level of road safety at night driving.
6. It can be installed in both left and right door. Courtesy door light make your car artistic moreover the atmosphere.

7. Pure color with nice appearance.


This product should be installed at the bottom of the door flame and make sure the Len vertical with the ground

1. Pull down the inside door board first. Mark the suitable location for drilling a hole.

2. Drill the hole on the door board with our borer .

3. Inset the product from the bottom of car door , then arrange the power cord.

4. Install the nut through the power cord upon the hole inside; Tighten the nut.

5. Connect the power cord according to the installation guide

6. Adjust the lamp projection to the suitable place with wrench.