Bentley High Quality LED Logo Laser Door Lights

Bentley High Quality LED Logo Laser Door Lights

Product description:

1. Environment friendly and power saving.

2. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams.

3. Elegant exterior packaging

4. Power Cable Length:

Light for Power cord: 2.0Meters

Light for control wire : 4.0 Meters

5. Designed for auto modification fancier

How to work?

It works depend on 12V/ 24V. the LOGO laser light is displyed onthe ground when car door is opened. it will disappear after the dooris closed. you will find this light is so cool when you open thedoor!you also can show it off among your partner or friends, it isreally amazing.

This photo is just laser light sample. Different brand LOGO can bedisplayed on the ground when the door is opened. For example, the Bentley LOGO will display if your car is Bentley. Mostimportant, we can make your own private Logo if you can provide uswith your Logo picture.