Car Multifuctional Emergency Power(Low Temp Model -40℃)

Car Multifuctional Emergency Power(Low Temp Model -40℃)

Product description:


Output Voltage: Car Port 12V USB 5V 2A

Normal Capacity: 12000mAH

Charge Mode: CC/ CV 15V 1A

Starting Current: ) 200A

Peak Current: 400A ( (3S)

Fully Charge Time : About 3 hours

Cycle Life: 3000+ times

Operating Temperature: -40 ℃-85℃

Dimension: L155*W75*H30mm

Main Functions:

1. Provide emergency start for 12V cars.

2. Support mobile charging for various brands mobilephones, MP3/ MP4, PDA, tablet PC.

3. Multiple safety protection design to ensure zero defect products .

4. High luminance & multi-mode LED lighting .

5. Low-temperature start. (even -40℃, it can still work)


1. High safety: By using rare-earth materials, in any case the battery is no firing nor explosion.

2. High temperature resistance: Products can been stored between 80-85℃ for long time.

3. Easy to start the car: Continuously start the automobile for over 30 times, even if power is only 20%

4. Mini, exquisite and portable: The battery, 1/5 volume of equivalent specification lead-acid batteries, only 500g weight

5. Powerful LED lighting system: normal lighting, SOS distress signal and bright lighting.

6. Mobile power supply: Support mobile charging for various digital electronic products.

7. Various capacity: 8000mAH/ 12000mAH/ 13600mAH continuously charging iPhone for 4-5 times.

8. Ultra-long life: Over 3000 times cycle life.