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Mobile Phone Wallet Three-dimensional Waterproof Waist Bag Satchel Waterproof Bag Drift Rafting

Mobile Phone Wallet Three-dimensional Waterproof Waist Bag Satchel Waterproof Bag Drift Rafting
Product code: 15611700030
Unit price 5.6-8.8$
Sold quantity 3238
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Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: L-819C White L-319C Blue L-819C Orange L-619C Orange L-819C Transparent L-619C Light Green L-319C Orange L-319C Light Green L-319C Black L-819C Blue L -619C White L-619C Pink L-819C Pink L-319C White L-319C Pink L-819C Light Green L-819C Black L-619C Blue L-619C Brown L-619C Clear L-319C Clear L-619C Black
  • Brand: Tteoobl / l special than music
  • Item No .: T-020C / L-619C
  • made in China
  • Applicable sex: Male and female general
  • Price tag: 80
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream rafting tourism
  • Time to market: 2016 winter

The use of the environment: drifting, Maldives snorkeling, swimming, outdoor field sports, rain, tourism, rain, tested by 20 meters deep water, but as far as possible to operate in water to 15 meters deep within the safer.At the same time in use Do not be scratched by sharp objects.

Recommended reason

At present, many people not only like to climb mountains and wading, in order to allow more people to share their joy in the play, the film or camera shooting has become an indispensable way, therefore, camera or portable debris Electronic equipment, the emergence of protective bags will be subject to a number of photography enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts welcome.
Portable electronic equipment life jackets, if accidentally fell into the water can float on the water. New materials and special manufacturing treatment, for the salt damage is immune, it can be used in seawater. This product has anti-ultraviolet function, plastic, Rubber parts from hardening, cracking.

Product Features:

Product Features:

1: triple waterproof insurance system, water is guaranteed

1. triple waterproof safe system for ensuring the waterproof function;

2: The use of special transparent environmentally friendly materials, does not affect the photographic effect.

2. special transparent environment-friendly material without influencing the photographic effect;

3: soft jacket on the portable electronic equipment to play a certain debris loss prevention, drop protection.

3. Soft jacket without influencing the operation of various function of the camera and with certain damage and falling preventing functions;

4: through a number of stringent waterproof test to ensure that less than 20 meters deep water.

4. Multiple strict waterproof tests for ensuring the waterproof function within 30 waters;

5: When using this product, such as accidentally fell into the water, carry debris electronic equipment will automatically float up.

5. Automatic floating of the camera if fallen into the water carelessly in the use process of the product



Before using this product, please do waterproof test and check whether there is damaged parts, especially the seal and around, do not use at high temperature lasting, in the course of the use of sharp objects to avoid scratch or strain,
1. Before use, please carry out a waterproof test on the product and check whether the product has damaged parts or not, particularly for the seal part and the periphery, not continuously use the product at high temperature, and avoid scratch or drag by sharp Articles in the use process.

For temperatures between -15 and 50 degrees, do not use in hot springs.
2. The product is suitable for the temperature of between 15 DEG C below zero and 50 DEG C, but not in hot spring.

After use in the water, if you need to remove the camera, please seal down, to avoid the residual moisture into the waterproof bag.
3. After used in the water, if the camera needs to be taken out, please put the seal downward so as to prevent the residual water from entering the waterproof jacket.

After each use, please check the mouth and seal dry water, the original box packaging to store.
4. After use each time, please check the port and corners and the seal, wipe the water, package the camera into the prior box and store the box.

Because this product is special, in order to be safe, please use other paper towels before loading into the corresponding depth, the corresponding use of water after the test no problem and then put your electronic products into use, otherwise Due to the different weather, different temperatures, different freshwater seawater buoyancy of the uncertainty of the marked depth of the data factors occur, the water depth of about 5 hours, Quality issues only return service, the purchase of this product is deemed to have been viewed and accepted all of the Company-related content, including this warning!