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Dc Cross Flow Fans

Dc Cross Flow Fans
  • Dc Cross Flow Fans
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Veton DC/ AC Crossflow Fans have the reverse polarity protected. It have various of sizes: impeller's diameter ranging from 30mm to 60mm, impeller's length ranging from 90mm to 300mm. It have the ball bearing and sleeve bearing. It can run on 5V, 12V, 24V or 48V DC. Special size and voltage could be customized. In order to meet the worldwide safety requirements. It have obtained the certificates of UL, CUL, CE, SGS and REACH.

DC Crossflow Fans have different special requirements in frame design. Special options like auto-restarting function, temperature control function, tachometer speed sensor output, lock rotor alarm output, pulse width modulation (PWM) ,dust proof and water resistant. We can offer all of these as you requirement.