Brushless Dc Fan 2510

Brushless Dc Fan 2510

Product description:


Frame Size: 25*25*10mm (L*W* H)

voltage: 5V/ 12V/ 24V

Bearing type: sleeve bearing/ ball bearing

Speed: 6000rpm-17000rpm

Noise: 20dBA/ 24dBA/ 28dBA

Safety Approvals: CE, TUV, UL, CUL

Lead Wire: UL1007 (AWG18-30)

Electric strength: 1mAmax at 1000VAC for 1 min

between lead wire and frame.

Insulation resistance: 10M ohm between lead wire and

frame (DC 500V)

Life expectancy (ball bearing) : 50000hrs rain at 25

degree C relative humidity 65%+/ -20%

Life expectancy (sleeve bearing) : ) 30000hrs rain at 25

degree C relative humidity 65%+/ -20%

Operation temperature: -10 to 70℃

Storage temperature: -40 to 75℃

Protection: Motor protection and polarity protection

Plastic Material: Black PBT (UL 94v-0) glass filled