obd2 connectors

obd2 connectors

Product description:

Usage Range: Suitable for any kind of vehicle diagnosis equipment. Direct conversion use.

Description: OBD II Female Adapters; can adapt to any kind of auto diagnostic equipment directly!

This adaptor is a new product of our company!

It can be used to connect your HONDA 3Pin (BMW 20 Pins , KIA 20 Pins , TOYOTA 17 Pins 23 Pins , MB 14 Pins 38 Pins etc.) OBD socket to OBD2 Compatible Diagnostic tools.

This series of adapters are compatible with any OBD II compliant car or van.

Features List

Supports most 1996 and newer vehicles with OBDII/ DLC3 diagnostics

Supports Diagnostics and Active tests

Easy to install and carry


High performance with ARM chip inside.

One end for the each kinds auto adapters, the other end for the 16 pins OBD2 diagnostic tool.

This serial products is our company s new products, we research and develop the market s change. Adapt to the market development.

Automotive Diagnostic Adapters

Package list: (17 pcs)

Automotive Diagnostic Adapters in abundant quantity, and we have all relevant moulds.

Welcome OEM, please advise the pin assignment when you request samples.

OBD2 Female to TOYOTA Round-17Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to FIAT-3Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to HONDA-3Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to NISSAN-14Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to TOYOTA Square-17Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to Subaru-9Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to OBD2 Male Adapter
OBD2 Female to GM-12Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to Benz-38Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to BMW-20Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to TOYOTA-22Pin Adapter
OBD2 Female to KIA-20Pin Adapter