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Milk Cup | Stainless WKSP10012

Milk Cup | Stainless WKSP10012
  • Milk Cup | Stainless WKSP10012
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1. Suitable for coffee lovers, small business customers, office and home use;

2. The shell is made by the all-aluminum die-casting overall, beautiful and durable, the appearance was designed by Italian designer;

3. Retro-style switch button design,;

4. The boiler is made of stainless steel coil aluminum die-casting technology, namely thermal design, fast heating, can solve the problem of water freshness, reducing the growth of bacteria, and more health and science;

5. use E61 Universal handle, can be interchangeable filter cup specialty coffee machines to meet a variety of requirements, cost more high;

6. You can create a consistent and professional coffee machine quality coffee;

7. 15Bar Italy inlet pressure pump;

8. 1L Removable transparent water tank, convenient and practical;

9. Convenient and practical humane means water;

10. Stainless steel drains, stainless steel sink, clean, beautiful, practical, easy to clean;

11. Top warm cup function, stainless steel cup holder;

12. With steam function to facilitate the production of fancy coffee vintage steam rotary switch design, more taste.;

13. By CE, GS and Rohs certification;

14. Italian patent design, not just a coffee machine, it is a decorative art;

A variety of colors to choose from, to meet different customer needs