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Lenovo K860i Tablet Mobile | 5 inch, 4 core, Black, white

Lenovo K860i Tablet Mobile | 5 inch, 4 core, Black, white
  • Lenovo K860i Tablet Mobile | 5 inch, 4 core, Black, white
Product code: 15597800001
Unit price: 429.1-457.4 USD
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Minimum order: 10
Other info: Black White
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  • Lenovo Model: K860i

  • Time to market: 2012

  • 12 years of market month: December

  • Network types: GSM / WCDMA (3G)

  • Style: straight

  • The main screen size: 5.0 inches

  • Body color: white single electric white electric double unopened send mobile power black black single electric power transmission and mobile power unopened double

  • Rear camera: 8000000

  • Operating system: Android / Andrews

  • Advanced features: WIFI Internet GPS navigation HD video GPRS Internet

  • Baby Condition: New

  • Touch screen: capacitive touch screen

  • Mobile CPU: Other

  • Run memory RAM: 2G

  • Body memory ROM: 16G

  • Keyboard Type: Virtual touch screen keyboard

  • Thickness: thin (9mm ~ 1cm)

  • The main screen resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels

  • Phone type: camera music fashion smart 3G Business

  • Battery Type: Removable Battery

  • Camera Type: dual cameras (front and rear)

  • Video capture: 1080I (interlaced HD D3)

  • Network mode: Single-card dual-mode

  • cpu cores: Quad-Core

  • Quad-core cpu frequency: 1.6G

The new five-inch quad-core upgrade cool experience

Super: Quad-core 1.6GHz, 2GRAM + 16GROM sturdy performance
Large: 5.0 inches 720P (1280 * 720) ultra-high-definition display
Ultrafast: Super camera V2.0 smart camera one hundred top continuous shooting
2250mAh large battery, 9.6mm slim

Product Information Product Information
- Industry-leading performance Exynos 4412 quad-core processor
-Mail-400MP graphics processing chip
- 20% reduction in power, handling capacity 65%
-Exynos 4412 (32nm HKMG process) more power than APQ8064 (28nm Poly-Si process), the machine measured standby power consumption (24mW, pure standby time of up to more than 14 days
-2GRAM, 16G memory, supports up to 64G expansion, can store 20 full HD 1080P video, hundreds of thousands of applications and games, 1080P video shoot at random, endless, beat constantly, non-stop music
- The starting date for Gameloft Asphalt Asphalt Injection (Chinese version), 3D gaming effects full support of six people WIFI Battle
- Built-in electronic compass, allowing more accurate GPS positioning

-5-Inch giant screen, to bring a new look for experience
-5-Inch Corning Gorilla glass is more resistant, firmer
-G + G screen bonding solutions, while maintaining high strength thinner machine, the machine up to 9.6mm thickness
- Third-generation AH-IPS hard screen, better color accuracy, lower power consumption
-1000: 1 high contrast + 450nit brightness + 72% high color saturation, and more perfect present true color, bright light and then a small text also legible
- From Lenovo ThinkPad roll cage design patent, from the inside to provide strong protection for mobile phones
-ID Design, the world's top design team, the Nordic well-known designers and Lenovo Beijing Olympic torch design team effort to build, to Contrast for the design language, the front and rear shell with double trapezoidal design, elegant and understated black body, coupled with bright and colorful texture After the shell, and bright silver waist, under a strong visual contrast without losing balance and minimalist modern

8 million AF rear camera + 2M FF front camera
- Dual LED flash, can shoot an object within 3 meters (general shooting photos of people take about three meters is suitable for framing; single LED can shoot an object distance of 1.5 meters)
special function:
- The industry's strongest one hundred CS: Zhang Zhang Gaoqing, burst in accurate recognition
- Intelligent Face: photo Blink, the best choice expression imaging, and then people can choose the perfect photo photo
-5 Times lossless zoom: Macro shot away are clear, so true zoom camera
- Main camera self-timer, then TB: intelligent voice prompts, to the self another option
- Are different: intelligent people Gender Recognition automatically selects the most suitable beautifying effect
- Side camera are shot: 1080P HD video capture can take pictures during shooting automatic zoom, autofocus
- High-resolution panoramic photography: portrait viewfinder, breaking the phone concept panorama shooting, shooting range wider, sharper pictures
- Shift effects: linear, circular shift Alternatively, you can preview before the shot, after shot adjustable post-processing capability
- More effects: first lens effects of mobile phones, according to the outline portrait bokeh, distorting mirror, horizontal, guide line, a key US-pupil, beauty, etc.
Shoot photos of a few people, almost impossible to get the perfect shot, no way to ensure that moment everyone smiling and looking at the camera! By telling shoot a series of photos, select each person the best facial expressions, then combine them into a single picture.

Normal mode panoramic scan
Vertical resolution mode panoramic scan
Super camera indicators:
Start Time:
1, click on the program icon from the icon to the viewfinder shows steady: (2s
2, Camera does not quit, the camera is in standby mode (black) to light up the screen again next Viewfinder: (2s
Speed ​​camera:
1, the focusing speed 1s
2, zero shutter lag delay (Zero shutter lag), a single camera (0.3s (achieve industry-leading levels)
3, the continuous shooting speed 0.2 seconds / sheet, maximum support 100 continuous shooting (up to industry-leading levels) br /)
1, supports Full HD video shooting 30
2, supports output 5 million pixel photos at the video case
Support up to 5 times lossless zoom
CPU Upgrade: 1.4GHz quad-core clocked at 1.6GHz clocked quad-core upgrade
Memory Upgrade: 1GRAM + 8GROM upgrade to 2GRAM + 16GROM
Hardware upgrades: new electronic compass

- Behind the table full of personality, can have their own desktop per person, Clover way to unlock the screen, wallpaper, icons, animated transitions, themes, fonts, etc. can be replaced or customized
Accommodation - Program Management: Quick uninstall the application upgrade prompt, quick to add volume applications, fast switching, and adjust the widget page, quickly set up home, quickly remove a Widget
- Gorgeous full-screen weather animation, with the festival updates, weather push, you can see five days weather information, displaying dynamic theme holidays
- Guess you like, recommend the application to the desktop, entry-level users to experience rich web applications, as well as self-learning function, can be adjusted according to user habits, accurate recommendation.
-Idea 123 (music site): Fast surfing, a key Internet

Defense capabilities unmatched in the industry
- A key physical examination: Troubleshooting phone health risks, a key to optimize acceleration, clean the virus
- Absorb costs nemesis: the bottom interception Trojans, no accident traffic loss, the situation of high SMS / phone bills were secretly deductions;
- Virus killing: ease of use, without worrying about cell phone viruses distress;
- Harassment intercept: blacklist function, so that spam messages and harassing phone calls no longer appear;
- Privacy: Highly protect the user's address book, no longer worried about loss of privacy risks;
- Mobile security: the phone is lost can retrieve contacts and other data, but also remotely erase all data, information does not leak
Additional unique features intimate
- Children mode: to give children a learning and entertainment is only a state, to prevent accidental dialing of telephone misuse texting, etc;
- Guest mode: temporary loaner equipment to friend a simple function mode to prevent inadvertent disclosure of confidential information;
- Private Space: Save up their private information is encrypted and only accessible through a password to;
- A key clean: an additional feature, a key clean-up system in the background memory occupied by unwanted program, ensure that the equipment is always running like a champ
Other content
- Night Disturb mode: Only a specific number to dial in the night
- Initial user guide: help novice quick guide safe use music, new features introduced
- Call Security Anti-eavesdropping (conference mode): call anti-wiretapping, real-time control application permissions can record all calls, preventing recording, to prevent the meeting being tapped
- Online shopping safety: Remove anti-phishing, the new security keyguard.

- Comprehensive underlying optimize speed, flow, recognition rate, interactive, GUI
- No network, no application for entry into the fast order
- Interesting avatar
- A variety of personalized playback
- Direct digital voice dialing, preset frequently used phone numbers libraries

- WiFi direct communication between the phone, no Internet, anywhere use, the user traffic 0
- Speed ​​mutual transfer, Bluetooth transfer speed is 60 times, tens of megabytes of video transmission a few seconds to complete
- Using voice, even cell phones, funny, fun; support people pass each other at the same time the Internet, freedom to share
- You can share the phone most of the contents: pictures, videos, music, contacts, installed applications, SD card arbitrary files