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lenovo A660 Android Mobile | Water proof, 4 Inch, Dual core, Dual Sim, Black

lenovo A660 Android Mobile | Water proof, 4 Inch, Dual core, Dual Sim, Black
  • lenovo A660 Android Mobile | Water proof, 4 Inch, Dual core, Dual Sim, Black
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  • Lenovo Model: A660

  • Time to market: 2012

  • 12 years of market month: September

  • Network types: GSM / WCDMA (3G)

  • Style: straight

  • The main screen size: 4.0 inches

  • Rear camera: 5000000

  • Operating system: Android / Andrews

  • Advanced features: WIFI Internet GPS navigation dual card dual standby

  • Baby Condition: New

  • Service: Genius

  • Touch screen: capacitive touch screen

  • Mobile CPU: Dual core 1G

  • Run memory RAM: 512M

  • Body memory ROM: 4G

  • Keyboard Type: Virtual touch screen keyboard

  • Thickness: thin (9mm ~ 1cm)

  • The main screen resolution: 800 * 480 pixels

  • Whether romantic rain, wild desert, underwater world, A660 waterproof, dustproof, scratch three protective measures can be powerful protection, the perfect expression of your personality, so you comfortable, enjoy, vitality without limit!
    -IP67 Dust and water, can be completely dust, but also in the water one meter stay for 30 minutes without water.
    -4.0 Inch Corning Gorilla glass shaped brilliant large screen, scratch resistant, so the phone more robust.
    -10.5mm Thin body, Yuet light, three anti-also allows you to freely, without reservation.

    The new upgrade 1Ghz dual-core processor, running faster, 3D graphics performance is more powerful, free response multitasking, Easy Fun big game.

    - The freedom to create application folders, desktop plug and customize the desktop scaling action bar, plus new multi-task manager, with the nature of the operation more heart.
    - The new browser, more pages can be stored complete offline browsing.
    - Built-in micro-Bo, everyone, QQ, public comment, go, meters music numerous fashion APP, let you easily master the living.

    Lenovo Music Phone A660 with innovative technology to enhance the ability to synchronize voice and data support to achieve while wifi Internet access while answering phones, truly a machine dual-network, are free to switch, Internet call correct.

    -500 Megapixel autofocus rear camera +30 million front camera, to meet the aspirations of your hand pictures
    - Built a variety of filter effects, with face recognition, smile shutter, panoramic camera and other models, and can 16 fast continuous shooting, make fun pictures.

    Add a new virus checking application
    When the installation of third-party software, the Security Center will start its own scanning new software security, help you prevent malware intrusion.
    Added a key clean-up function
    A key to clear the background of all processes, can instantly release a large amount of memory.

    Five anti tri-mode, privacy worries
    Five anti: anti-peeping, theft losses, anti-virus, anti-harassment, anti-smoking costs.
    - Anti-peeping: Depth development of Android source code, all lore eavesdropping software, to prevent your phone privacy is peeping and collecting.
    - Theft loss: a text message command to the remote control (destruction of privacy, remote locking) stolen phone and locate cell phone location based on satellite positioning and automatic alarm.
    - Anti-virus: instant virus scanning engine + several antivirus vendors virus database professional cooperation + Lenovo cloud services, the underlying operating system to intercept malicious behavior, killing three seconds, so that mobile phone viruses to escape detection!
    - Anti-Harassment: local intelligence intercept + Lenovo cloud number blacklist; harassment against spam calls and text messages.
    - Anti-smoking costs: Prevent flow suction fee backstage SMS, telephone smoking costs since then has nothing to do with you.!

    Tri-mode: three kinds of privacy mode - Private mode, guest mode, child mode.
    - Private Mode: Private Communication Information and private contacts can set password access.
    - Guest mode: Hide all communications and information, hide the owner specified application.
    - Children mode: automatically turn on flight mode, preventing accidental deletion of data.