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TY827 HD Internet TV player, Android, Wifi

TY827 HD Internet TV player, Android, Wifi
  • TY827 HD Internet TV player, Android, Wifi
Product code: 15596400001
Unit price: 25-30 USD
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Minimum order: 20
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Thumb-size regular TV into a smart TV moment

The player is can be used with wireless 2.4G mini keyboard use

Android 4.0 Network Player

Andrews / Valley fans wireless intelligent high-definition TV set you

android 4.0 Mini PC remote control

One can use the TV as a computer device

One can use the TV when the phone equipment

...... As long as connected to the network, connected to the TV with a wireless mini keyboard control, the Internet, watching high-definition movies, write microblogging sun share Taobao OFFICE office PPTV, PPS, Youku network TV at any time to see, Android game: angry birds, zombies, karting, Battle City, and many other games get a machine, which is a perfect combination, operate freely, more other functions look forward to your found ......

Product Image:

Product parameters:

1. CPU:
CPU: Telechips CORTEX-45 (45nm COMS) 1.0GHz (MAX)
HD video decoder (1080P @ 60Fps)
HD video encoder (1080P @ 30Fps)
Five display and image processor
Intelligent Power Management Unit
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 1.4
Standard HDMI interface

2. Memory: DDR3: 512M (16bit) OR 1G bit

3. Flash: 4G

4. Operating system:
Android4.0; support for multiple languages
Audio support: MP3 / WMA / WAV / OGG / AAC / FLAC / 3GP.
Video support: MPEG2 / 4 / AVI / WMV / MKV / MOV / RM / RMV
Preloaded applications: Adobe Flash Player, V11.1; RE Manager; Youtube & YOUKU, IREAD

5. Enter:
System built virtual keyboard
2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse

6. Network operation:
WIFI IEEE 802.11 b / g / n.
Wireless Services

7. Power Supply: mini-USB port, DC: 5V

8. Power: (500Ma @ 5V

9. Interface:
Mini USB (OTG)

10. Size: 82 * 26.5 * 13.8m

11. Weight: 30g