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TY906 HDMI Splitter | One Port In, Two Ports Output

TY906 HDMI Splitter | One Port In, Two Ports Output
  • TY906 HDMI Splitter | One Port In, Two Ports Output
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HDMI Splitter use a HDMI source can be achieved simultaneously on 2 or 4 TV output Support HDCP device and a compatible HDMI1.3. Support video amplifying the signal bandwidth of up to 2.25Gpbs / 225MHz. This series dispensers multiple applications in high-definition Retail sales at TV, HDTV, set-top boxes, DVD and other projection equipment factory, data control center, conference exhibition center, schools and various companies. Let a HDMI port assignment of two HDMI ports definition audio and video distributor can make distribution set-top boxes, DVD release machine, D-VHS player or other HDTV devices HDMI signal into a two-way agreement, HDMI signal output synchronized. Users can output the signal simultaneously connect high-definition projectors, LCD monitors, DLP, LCD, LED HD TV machines and other effects device (such as a DVD player output picture and sound can be synchronized to the two high-definition television machine).

Having signal buffering, amplification
By concatenating achieve more than 20 meters Remote Transmission
It supports 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution
Support for high-definition video, high-quality, clear, up to 1080p HDTV resolution
Easily connect to multiple interfaces to receive audio and video equipment
Fully supports HDMI 1.3 version is fully compatible with HDCP format