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Chi Chuwi V8 Android Tablet PC | 8 inch, 1GB, 16GB

Chi Chuwi V8 Android Tablet PC | 8 inch, 1GB, 16GB
  • Chi Chuwi V8 Android Tablet PC | 8 inch, 1GB, 16GB
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8-inch tablet, although the domestic market have been better than the 7-inch and 9.7-inch tablet market NA me hot, but as the amount of information to read the best combination of size and portability is still concern certain groups of users. However, this level of the market at present not a lot, the market demand is far from saturated, then cruise to decisive attack, launched a price of only 699 yuan of new 8-inch flat-panel products, model V8HD speed version. This product is now songce to Zhongguancun Online MID channel, today we bring this product evaluation experience.

Chi V8 speed version of the evaluation

The new design

Just got Chi V8 speed version, the author can not help but be attracted to this beautiful appearance fashion products from Chi V8 speed version of who we do not see any shadow of homemade 8-inch tablet, which is more serious in the homogenization Domestic plates are very rare black screen panel frame coupled with silver paint looks very elegant atmosphere, and when people thought V8HD the back panel is silver, Chi was unexpectedly replaced with a milky white panel. Three colors with often make the machine looks messy, but V8 speed version but with excellent industrial design of this fusion is very coordinated.

Fuselage Appearance

Exterior side view

Color of success is inseparable from the rational combination of natural lines of the body, the side bold Chi V8 speed version is designed to be similar to the shape of the yacht, and elegant design also allows V8HD waist looks very slim, but the actual Test results show that the aircraft is 12.15 mm thickness, the 8-inch tablet is not regarded as a domestic color values, but when you really feel more superior grip.

Thickness and weight measured

Side View

Exterior body back

V8 speed version of the fuselage with the plastic material, the appearance of white paint were sprayed, touch is very smooth, and stable enough to hold in order to prevent, Chi concave with seven transcontinental body, while the speaker mouth design in depression, with the entire back of the coordination of coordination is quite good.

Analytical appearance details

Chi V8 speed version of the fuselage is a 8 inches 4: 3 ratio screen, mirror screen design makes V8 speed version of the screen effect is very good, but in bright light reflective quite serious Additionally, the machine's screen. panel hardness general, water ripple phenomenon occurs when hard pressed, it needs to pay attention to the body when the user do not be hard object impact.

Screen panel hardness general


Interface, V8 speed version is equipped with a headphone jack, HDMI high-definition output, Micro USB jack, TF expansion card slot and power ports, including Micro USB interface for connecting data transmission and OTG devices. The interfaces on this side, we We can see the V8 speed version of a very careful design using BOOT key for firmware upgrade.

Key details

Although the V8 speed version preset Andrews 4.0, the vast majority of everyday use can be done through the touch keys on the screen to achieve, but the machine still has more comprehensive physical buttons, the fuselage placed the return key and menu key , while on the right side of the body with volume control keys and the power button. The power button on the machine crashes or state is not normal when forced shutdown can be achieved long press reset function.

Front camera

Rear camera

V8 speed version is equipped with front and rear dual camera design, pixel, respectively 300,000 and 2 million, although the photo effect in general, but the sensitivity is very good for online video in the indoor lighting conditions relatively weak situation chat or simply making plans is no problem of.

Glossy screen display test

Chi V8 speed version configured with a 8-inch 4: 3 ratio screen resolution of 1024X768 pixel display sophistication while this screen is quite good support 5:00 capacitive touch and before the introduction of the appearance we have been. learned this screen mirror screen design used in previous tests, we can find a translucent mirror screen performance is very good. We now come to test Chi V8 speed version of the color screen show exactly how.

Test image still choose conventional gradation test pattern, gradual color test pattern grayscale test chart with a conventional car Mito, can help you with the level of the lateral compared to other screen products. The following pictures are all really making a map, test no light in the indoor environment conditions, the reasons can not be restored due to shoot the actual display, the actual performance reviews to prevail.

Levels Test

Gradual color test

Grayscale test

Ordinary picture shows

Through the above test pieces of the test chart, we can see a higher Chi V8 speed version of the screen brightness, and color saturation can be satisfactory, while in the test Levels and gradual color pictures, you can see V8 speed screen version of the performance slightly in color transition in general, red, green and blue obviously occupy a dominant position; and the gray-scale test, V8 speed version is more outstanding performance, the 16 gray scale can be displayed properly; in general Photos of the display effect, you can see this screen slightly cool color, but the color contrast, etc., or satisfactory performance.

Hardware Performance Test

Chi V8 speed version of the hardware using Cortex-A8 core full-Chi A10 chip solution, maximum speeds up to 1GHz, and equipped with a 1G RAM memory and Mali400 graphics chip, the overall configuration in the current domestic single-core tablet is relatively high .

Hardware configuration information

Select the Quadrant test software and security Bunny two comprehensive performance testing software, Linpack test software floating point processor and Nenamark1 graphics performance testing software, software for each test three times, take the middle score screenshot resolution.

Quadrant with super rabbit test results (click to enlarge)

Linpack test results (click to enlarge)

Nenamark1 test results

You can see, V8 speed version in Quadrant and security Bunny two comprehensive performance testing software in 2043 and 2749, respectively, to give a score, and Linpack single-threaded and multi-threaded test results are 15.95 and 15.164, and Nenamark1 score 43.1 FPS, in the previous evaluation had 8-inch plate, V8 speed version of the test results can be quite outstanding, and graphics performance test score significantly higher than the domestic flat-panel screen with a resolution under.

Practical application experience

Chi V8 speed version of the hardware configuration has brought us a lot of surprises, but the hardware performance testing with only a reference, we now come to enter its actual experience testing.

System Version

Android4.0 interface

First, Chi V8 speed version is Android 4.0.3 system version, attractive interface and ease of use are quite outstanding. And the slide into the program interface and fluency have reached a very high standard, Caton problem rarely occurs .

Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots

When and with Chi V8 speed version were fruit ninja Puss in Boots demo found machine can smooth running game, and the accuracy of touch operation is still relatively good, basic not found the touch is not recognized or track Inconsistencies, but ghosting problem still exists. Overall, V8 speed version in the demo performance is satisfactory fruit ninja Puss in Boots when.

In network applications, V8 speed version of the built-in WiFi, can thus be wireless Internet access, or can be carried out by OTG external 3G wireless Internet devices in WiFi connection process, V8 speed version of the signal performance is good, the connection home wireless router Construction of wireless networks, V8 speed version can be done quickly identify and signal is very stable.

Watch the normal webpage

Youku ultra-clear video normal play

V8 speed version of itself preset Flash Player11, with its open pages of speed is very good, Zhongguancun Online PC Version Home complete opening only 12 seconds, but after the pull-down operation on the page should be continually loaded and slightly Caton phenomenon In addition, I found the whole Chi A10 program should be a new Flash optimization, using this chip Chi online video on the V8 speed version can be normal broadcasting network, ultra-clear video Youku can play relatively smooth, but slow loading speed.

Video and endurance performance

Chi V8 speed version because the screen is 4: 3 ratio, viewing the current mainstream 16: 9 widescreen movie does not seem particularly appropriate, but full-Chi A10 brings powerful video decoding performance and allows users to get a good video experience. Here's what we use 1080p video in different formats for V8 speed version test the performance of video playback.

HD video playback test

By AVI, MKV, WMV, MP4, TS, etc. in different formats 1080p video playback, you can find Chi V8 speed version integrates A10 really powerful program performance in video playback when playing video without any Caton, color , music and picture synchronization and other issues, and subtitles are also built-in player can recognize normal load, plus HDMI features added to make V8 speed version of the foot can be used as an excellent HD player.

Fever position

In terms of endurance performance, full-Chi A10 good power optimization makes Chi V8 speed version has a fairly satisfactory life performance when the screen brightness is adjusted to about two-thirds, and the background useless program closes, with its After 1 hour of high-definition video playback electricity decreased by 12%, while the half-hour after the game, reducing power consumption by about 15 percent. At the same time, the temperature of the body back slightly, but will not let the hand discomfort.

to sum up

Product Positioning: Entertainment Tablet cost
Features: Stylish appearance beautiful hardware performance relative prominence outstanding video playback capability
: • •••

Chi V8 speed version as an 8-inch tablet, relative to the current competitors, it has the advantage of excellent design and powerful hardware performance, while the price of 699 yuan is also very competitive. But the machine without complete machine , V8 speed version of the beautiful appearance is also more prone to injury, the daily use inadvertently bump off paint phenomenon will make it appear, in addition to the aircraft's heat problem is obvious, but overall, Chi V8 speed version is still a recommended 8-inch tablet, suitable for all aspects of the function of the needs of users have to choose.