Chi Chuwi V99-4 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, Retina ultra-high-definition screen, 2048 X1536, 16GB, quad-core CPU

Chi Chuwi V99-4 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, Retina ultra-high-definition screen, 2048 X1536, 16GB, quad-core CPU

Product description:

( PConline evaluation ) With the introduction of quad-core CPU and adoption of domestic flat-panel began to have more and more products using retina screen, and Chi-speed Pad V99 is one of the earlier one. Chi-speed Pad V99 uses a quad-core CPU, 9.7-inch 2048x1536 resolution retina screen, 2G memory and other configuration, the price of 16G / 1299 yuan now, this product has reached the site evaluation room, here, we look at the specific performance of this product.

Chi-speed PAD V99 quad-core Photo Forum offer net acquisition cost

Chi-speed Pad V99 Quad-Core Specifications
model Speed ​​Pad V99 quad-core
screen size 9.7 inches
Screen Resolution 2048x1536 Retina screen
Screen Material IPS screen
operating system Android 4.1
Chip Solution Chi A31
CPU Architecture Quad-core Cortex-A7
GPU Power VR SGX544 MP2
System Memory 2GBDDR3
Storage capacity 16GB, support TF card expansion to 32GB
3G Support plug-in 3G wireless Internet access
wifi Support wifi wireless Internet access
Video Format Support H. 264, WMV, MPEG and other video formats 4K resolution video decoding, and backward compatible.
Audio Format Supports MP3, WMA, APE, WAV and other music format playback, support audio information classification, album cover display
File Support DOC, EXCEL, CHM, TXT, HTML, etc.
camera 2.0 megapixel front, rear 5 million AF camera
proposed price 16G / 1299 元

Packaging and appearance details Appreciation

Chi-speed Pad V99 quad-core design on the packaging is very beautiful, it is also true, from the packaging point of view, it highlights the quality of this product is very high.


After opening the box

After opening the package, the first to enter the eye is still a big Chi LOGO, so to maximize the user to enhance the brand impression.

Product features Logo

In the upper right corner of the product, affixed with identification characteristics of this product, such as quad-core CPU, Retina screen, 500W pixel camera.

Products front

Front of products with a pure white panel, looks very fine fashion. In addition, since this product uses a 9.7-inch screen, so the body in the area is not small.


The back of a metal material, and, in a matte surface treatment, so that the back of the product while maintaining a stylish appearance, it is possible to have the best hand.

Buttons and interface at the bottom

Chi for this product at the buttons and interface, still relatively complete, user common interface and buttons, a lot, such as the power button, SD card expansion slot, HDMI interface.

Volume keys and return key

Pre-200W-pixel camera

500W pixel camera back home