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Chi Chuwi V9 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, IPS screen, 16GB, dual-core CPU

Chi Chuwi V9 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, IPS screen, 16GB, dual-core CPU
  • Chi Chuwi V9 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, IPS screen, 16GB, dual-core CPU
  • Chi Chuwi V9 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, IPS screen, 16GB, dual-core CPU
  • Chi Chuwi V9 Android Tablet PC | 9.7-inch, IPS screen, 16GB, dual-core CPU
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( PConline evaluation ) As consumers have become increasingly demanding, domestic brands have also begun to focus on flat-panel MID flagship product launch, these products not only in the configuration to obtain a qualitative leap, and, in the workmanship and appearance, but also made a very big step forward. Chi is recently launched such a flagship product Chi V9, it uses a pure metal body and 9.7-inch IPS screen, parameter exhibits very to the force. Now, this product has reached the site evaluation room, the following, we will look at the actual performance of this product.

Chi for V9 Extreme Edition Photo Forum offer net acquisition cost

Packaging and appearance of Appreciation

Chi V9 with a large red appearance of the packaging, looks very festive smell has, for gifting, it is very appropriate.

Red packaging, strong festive atmosphere

The machines

That package accessories packaging

Chi for V9 package is divided into two parts, one is the machine box, package box has been, and each part of the design are very on the grade.

Remove the machine


Back of the fuselage

Chi for V9 whole body is a large area with a metal material, and scrub the processing carried out, so that looks very stylish in the same time, feel very good, not only non-slip, and, not prone to fingerprints.

Body looks very slim

As a result of a slight bulge between the back and the edge of the arc-shaped design, so that the edge of the Chi V9 is very slim, looks like the same blade, while the slim metal body is based on, so that product comparison looks tough.

2 buttons and interface details Appreciation back to top

Buttons and interface details Appreciation

Chi for V9 this machine's interface is very concentrated, all located at the bottom of the product, more convenient so easy to use.

Chi bottom left of the interface

Chi is the interface at the bottom left of the main commonly used headphones, charging interface and a TF card expansion interface and MIC hole. It should mention that, for each button and interface, Chi in the body are not standard, Although there are detailed instructions on the manual, however, for many people, it is still not easy to use, hope to be able Chi on this issue late improvement.

Chi V9 bottom right interface

The bottom right of the interface using a dust cover design, can effectively protect several important interfaces, but also to ensure the appearance of the whole body. In the dust cover, respectively, HDMI HD output interface, USB port and OTG interface to note here is that, USB interface uses a Micro USB interface, and OTG interface is the use of Mini USB, both in the specification are not the same.

Bottom right button

In addition, on the right, there are three buttons at the bottom of the machine, they are the power key, back key and the menu key, which happens to be at the right lateral grip state machine side, very easy to operate.

Front camera and light sensor

Rear camera

The machine has two cameras front and rear, Chi V9 apart is beside the front camera, and a light sensor, according to the environment, automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, at the same time achieve the best display, but also can make use of the machine, you can save more power.

The bottom of the HOME key

On the HOME key, Chi V9 with a more traditional approach, set in the bottom of the machine, and the key is relatively large, so that the whole experience even more superior.

The body of the text

Chi V9 machine body problems are made by carving, look more on the grade, but also not the same as the printed word go, produces wear flowers, and even the case completely disappear.


Data cable and headphones

Film and screen cleaning cloth

On the accessories, Chi V9 configuration is also very rich, in addition to common headset and data cable, but also with a charger, OTG cable, screen film and cleaning cloth and other accessories, the user completely without additional purchase.