Chi Chuwi V17 Android tablet | 7 inch, 8GB

Chi Chuwi V17 Android tablet | 7 inch, 8GB

Product description:

V17 mounted close Chi A13 main chip, using the blade mold system, lighter and thinner.

All-wise A13 master chip

V17 A13 all- chi master the latest chip, the nominal frequency of up to 1.2Hz, built- Mali 400 GPU, is balancing a performance master chip, with 512M DDR3 memory. In addition, it matched 5:00 G + G touch screen, making it more smooth V17 control .

More excellent mold design

Allegedly, V17 uses proprietary technology with mold, craft a balanced ratio of vertical and horizontal distribution of plus curvature of UV process, making the V17 look quite stylish.

Rich ancillary functions

V17 uses 3000mAh lithium batteries, coupled with low-power chip A13, the nominal life time of up to 6 hours. 12Bit machine has a 3-axis accelerometer, the screen display automatically turn the four directions, also has a front camera, camera and so more convenient.

The price is only 369 yuan