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HTPC | WALLY N16 | Mini PC for TV | Home entertainment center

HTPC | WALLY N16 | Mini PC for TV | Home entertainment center
  • HTPC | WALLY N16 | Mini PC for TV | Home entertainment center
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Atom 1.6 Dual-core

GMA3600 Set was

2.5 cm thickness

VGA, HDMI, 5 个 USB2.0, audio interface .DC power .RJ45 network port


Offer free memory, hard drives, and guests can install yourself (DDR3 memory, SATA hard drive)!

This configuration is barebones without memory, hard disk.


Product Type: WALLY HD player computer
Key Features
Main Chipset: NVIDIA ION (Wing Jan)
CPU: INTEL ATOM N330 dual-core 1.6G
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 9400M
Memory / hard drive
Memory: DDR3 Memory
Hard drive capacity: SATAII laptop hard drive
Networking / Wireless LAN
Network: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
WIFI: 802.11 b / g wireless network
I / O Interface
Reader: card reader
Video Output: HDMI + VGA
I / O interfaces: five USB 2.0, audio interface
Host system
Pre-installed system: DOS
Power Description
Power: Original 12V power adapter
Appearance Description
Product appearance: elegant white, 190mm * 150mm * 25mm
Accessories: product manual, driver CD

The main features / functions:
1, the notepad ultra-thin body, fashion design, the machine weighs only 0.526KG
2; support 1080P Full HD broadcast; super HD decoding capabilities
3; Energy and Environmental Design; when HD playback power consumption is only 20 W
4; built-in WIFI wireless; multimedia extension application round

ASL based ION (Wing Jan) finished upcoming ASL enter the whole market's first product is named Giada N10, Giada 'is a whole new brand ASL enabled, Giada N10 on the market beyond the current 945 series and other traditional the concept of mini-computer, it can be said that the product is the most mini computer mainframe products.

Giada N10 a total of four optional colors are white and elegant, romantic red, blue science and technology, intelligent red, product design simple fashion, Giada'LOGO located in the upper left of the host, the location of the power button located on the front of the host, about the Giada N10 both sides of the printed pattern very Chinese traditional elements, retro and fashion the perfect combination. In order to prevent the product from sliding vertical display, Giada N10 is equipped with a transparent base.

Giada N10 with the traditional standard desktop 1: 1 contrast, forming a huge gap between the senses, Giada N10 actual volume is less than 1/30 of the standard desktop, low-end desktops terms, Giada N10 has unparalleled convenience advantages .

2008 netbook swept the world, caused a wave of mini fashion craze, super mini-host and the Internet positioning different, but Giada N10 in the end can compare the Internet how much this small? By making a comparison with the HP product, Giada N10 whether upright or horizontal put, better than HP netbook more refined simplicity, and look more to the fashion of ordinary netbook does not have the HD decoding capabilities, and Giada N10 with 1080P full HD support, if netbooks are mobile / portable choice for the Internet, NA me Giada N10 is decorated living room or bedroom home entertainment fashion weapon.

Supermicro thin body weight

Giada N10's Weight only 0.526KG

Plus travel power adapter weighs only 0.873KG

Host length and width dimensions of 190mm X 150mm, maximum thickness of only 25.75mm

Giada N10 parameters and positioning

Giada N10 using NVIDIA (NVIDIA) ION (Wing Jan) graphics processor, compared to the Intel 945 series of products with full HD 1080P decoding support, the product is also positioned as a mini-HD playback computer.

Giada N10 using low-power Intel ATOM N330 dual-core CPU, clocked at 1.6G, with four-threading technology, graphics core is 9400M. N10 is equipped with 1GB DDR2 800 memory, 250G SATAII 5400 RPM notebook hard drive, built-in wireless WIFI module It offers HDMI + VGA video output combinations, the host input voltage is 12V.

The left and right sides of the host close to the output I / O section, two cooling air inlet, and the installation of a dust-proof network design, Giada N10 notebook modified heat pipe cooling.

Host the upper provides a card reader, a USB2.0 interface, and an audio / microphone jacks.

Host I / O section, is the power input interface, network interface, VGA output, 4 USB2.0 interface, HDMI interface, heat vent.

Power consumption and high definition performance test

For such a small volume of new concept products, in addition to being attracted by the appearance of a mini fashion, I believe many users are more concerned about the power consumption and performance, as well as specific applications.

In 1280 * 768 resolution, 3DMARK 06 final score of 1143 points, compared to the 945 series the results were very good, the results for the general network game competent enough.

In the case of open hardware acceleration, full HD 1080P playback, CPU occupancy rate is only stable at around 9 percent, we know that when using the same ATOM CPU 945 series HD playback, CPU occupancy rate is substantially above 95% do not support the 945 series 1080P?  Dan  cracking artifact ON (Wing Jan) of Giada N10 Shique very smooth playback 1080P.

In standby mode, Giada N10's overall power consumption of only 20W

When HD playback; Giada N10 upgrading of machine power only 3W; to 23W

The new machine products ASL Giada N10 945 compared to other similar products currently on the market, with three relatively distinct characteristics and advantages, compared to the first 945 series of products with 1080P Full HD support; followed by the mini-fashion products, is currently the smallest mini-host; and finally Giada N10 low power consumption integrated over several advantages, the product is very suitable for the living room as a HD player computer, compared to a single hard disk HD player have the advantage of a full-featured, and compared. HTPC also have small size and low power consumption advantages. In addition, the product is also very suitable for fashionable women in the study used, can also be downloaded as a long-term low-power machines and home servers.