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ZKS iColor8 Fingerprint TFT time attendance & access control

ZKS iColor8 Fingerprint TFT time attendance & access control
  • ZKS iColor8 Fingerprint TFT time attendance & access control
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iColor8 is the brother of iColor7 with color TFT screen for Time & Attendance and Access Control applications. Users will benefit from its unparalleled performance, ease-of-use, precision and faster matching speed based on fastest algorithms with dependability and accuracy. Its identification speed

is improved obviously, process 3000, 5000, even 10000 fingerprints within 0.6 second.

iColor8-Color TFT time attendance and access control system

TCP/ IP, USB, Embedded alarm clock, EM card or MIFARE Card, 3000 fingerprint templates

New version of ZKS algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, process 3000 fingerprints, no matter good orpoor, within 0.6 second
Built in embedded standalone ARM9 module (ZKS900) with big capacity FLASH, it is easy to integrate with various systems.
ARM9 platform support enterprise VPN
Alarm clock function for giving the correct time for ON and OFF.
Single door control function
Optional integrated proximity or smart card reader
Built-in USB, WEIGAND out and Ethernet ports
SDK available for OEM customers and software developers.
Accept ODM or OEM, providing system local voice, menu language, software analysis, casing-making.

Technical Parameters:

User capacity: 3, 000

Transaction Storage: 80000

Period of data: Keep data for 3 years without current

Support Baud rate: 9600BPS, 19200BPS, 38400 BPS

Verification mode: 1: N, 1: 1

FAR: (0. 0001%

FRR: (0. 01%

Response time: (0. 6 second

Alarm clock: Embedded alarm clock

External functions: Connect Electronic lock (Access Control) , Electronic bell

Communications: TCP/ IP, USB and WEIGAND output

Access Control: Support 50time zone, 5 group and 10 unlock combinations

Show: Time, ID number, Name

LCD: 320*240 graphic display LCD

Language: English, French, Spanish, Czech, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish and so on

Working mode: Time & attendance, standalone, can work persistently

Time & Attendance mode: Fingerprint, password, card, fingerprint + password, fingerprint + card

Save function: Turn off device automatically for saving

Size: 178*128*55mm

Power supply: DC12V, 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz)

Warranty of period: 24 months

Temperature and humidity: 0-4520%-80%

Options: Proximity or MIFARE one card, backup battery

Applications: Office / hotel / hospital / bank / prison / school etc.