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DP LED-777B Headlights | Rechargeable Headlights

DP LED-777B Headlights | Rechargeable Headlights
  • DP LED-777B Headlights | Rechargeable Headlights
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Product Name: LED-777B Emergency lights
Model No
Shot Range (m)

12pcs LEDs
Pcs/ Box

Pcs/ Carton
Carton Dimension
Detailed Explanation:

The outline of this Light is novel and attractive. It is convenient to be used to wear on head. It is suitable for working, studying, camping at night, or at the time of power cut.
The Light is equipped with long life, free maintenance, high capacity of 800mAh Lead Acid battery.
Super long life of 500 times charging and discharging.
Energy-saving, high-light, high-power and long life LED.
Both strong and weak brightness are for choices.

Rate charging voltage : AC90~240V 50/60Hz
Rate charging current : AC0.08A 0.5W
Light power : 0.84W

To charge the light, please insert one end of cable to Lights AC socket, and the other end into AC90~240V power source. The charging indicator turns on to show it is on charge. It needs about 12 hours for charging.
To push button is to control Strong and Weak brightness, Turning on and Turning off.
To push the button in Gear 1, 4pcs LED turns on; in Gear 2, 12pcs LED turns on.
When the button is in Gear 1, the light can work for about 20 hours; in Gear 2, it can work for about 6.5 hours.
You can wear the light on your head. The light is so convenient to be adjusted in 90 degree to reach different angles.
When LED brightness turns darker during working, the battery is discharging completely. To protect the battery, please stop using and start charging in time. (Please start charging before the LED Light become dark completely; or it will damage the battery)
The light is better to be charged and used frequently. Don't keep un-working for long time. Please charge the light for 10 hours in every 3 months, if it is in long time stock.

Power source and socket should meet safety standards.
Please dont turn on the light during charging, or some LED and inner parts will be burned.
Please dont shot the LED light directly into eyes, it will harm eyesight. (Children should be guided by adults)
Keep the light away from rain and wetness.
Please dont leave the light in strong sunshine for long time, and dont keep it in area of high temperature.
Keep the light away from flammable and explosive. The charging time can not be more than 13 hours. (Suggest to charge the light at day time)

The Light obey National Industrial Standards GB7000.208-2008.