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DP LED-718A | Emergency light

DP LED-718A | Emergency light
  • DP LED-718A | Emergency light
  • DP LED-718A | Emergency light
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Product Name: LED-718A Emergency lights
Model No
105pcs LEDs
Pcs / Box
Pcs / Carton
15x1 = 15pcs
Carton Dimension
Detailed Explanation:

1) The emergency light is with built-in long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable lead acid battery of high capacity as 7200 mAh.
2) Global functional, leisure, infrared ray telecontroller, One button for on and off.
3) Perfect led protective circuit.
4) Super long life battery, which more than 500times charging and discharging recycling life.
5) Led is in advantages of energy-saving, high light, long life and high power.
6) Both high light and dim light for choices.

1) Before charging, please turn off the switch button, keep the led light horizontal, or the hang upwards, connect cable with one hole into AC outlet of emergency light, and connect the other side directly to AC90V / 240V power socket, the corresponding indicator light is on, that means the product is at working, it takes about 28 hours till full.
2) Push the button to the first gear or second gear, then can control the brightness of the light, at the same time, the telecotroller can control the light on or off.
3) Push downwards the button to first gear, the light is dim, it can be used about 14 hours after it is full. Push upwards the button to second gear, the light is bright, it can be used about 7 hours after it is fall. down is first fear, up is second gear, middle is off.
4) Install the battery into telecontroller, make sure the positive is upward, and negative is downward. Aim the telecontroller to the receiver of the light. When the light could not be controlled less than 6 meters, please change the battery.
5) The standby time is 20 days, please turn off the button, if you do not use is for one week.
6) When the led is dim, the battery is completely discharging status, at this moment, in order to protect the battery, please turn off, stop using, and charge it immediately (please do not charge it till it is dark;. It would easily damage the battery)
7) The light should be used and charged frequently, please charge is for 15 hours after 3 months storage, otherwise life time of battery will be changed.

1) Power source and socket should be installed according to safety rules and regulations.
2) Please dont shot your eyes with the light directly; in case it would be harm to your eyes (children must be guided to use it properly by adults)
3) Do keep the light from rain and wet.
4) The charging process must be far away from any inflammable and explosive materials.

Function illustration: